What’s new in SAP Solution Manager SPS12?

SPS12 for SAP Solution Manager 7.1 is now available.   In this item, Rapid ERP take a look at the new features introduced by this support package stack.

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  • You can now generate a Solution Manager Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) project from a standard SAP roadmap, saving time in aligning the two objects.
  • The Component Based Test Automation tool (CBTA) has been extended to include support for SAP UI5 web technology.
  • General Improvements:
    • Significant performance improvements within the Monitoring and Alerting Infrastructure (MAI) due to the introduction of parallel processing within the Event Calculation Engine.
  • Technical Monitoring:
    • Technical Monitoring dashboards extended and now include more configuration options.
    • Workflow Monitoring enhanced to include new monitoring objects, e.g. task status over time.
    • Interface and Connection Monitoring scope extended to include additional interface types, e.g. SAP HANA Cloud integration, BDocs and Workflow.
    • Job Monitoring & Message Flow Monitoring – monitoring object scope extended and reporting enhanced.
  • Data Volume Management:
    • Forecast and Simulation Cockpit – This new feature allows you to simulate and assess the impact of data reduction strategies, evaluating the database size and anticipated cost savings over time.
    • DVM Improvement Projects – You can now create an improvement project to define your DVM goals and tack progress against them as you execute your DVM strategy.
    • Understand the potential benefits of moving to the SAP HANA platform via the Reorganization and Compression analysis.
  • Technical Administration:
    • Incorporation of automated activities into Technical Adminstration tasks.
    • Display, and execution of, Technical Administration tasks within the IT Calendar view.
  • Business Process Monitoring:
    • A new Business Process Monitoring solution, fed by the Monitoring and Alerting Infrastructure is now available.  SAP’s intention is to replace ‘classic’ BPM with this new MAI integrated solution. As such, SAP have stated that from SPS12 of Solution Manager 7.1, the ‘classic’ CCMS based BPM will no longer be developed.  Existing scenarios can continue to be used, but customers should start thinking about transitioning any ‘classic’ BPM scenarios to the new MAI based solution.
    • Tighter integration with the Unified Alert Inbox as a result of MAI integration.
    • Process graphics have been enhanced for greater clarity / visibility of monitored processes.
  • Job Scheduling Management:
    • Extension to enable a direct read of BW process chain scheduling data from managed systems.
  • Data Consistency Management:
    • Integration with SAP Information Steward, to assist in understanding data quality and transactional correctness.
    • Cross Database Comparison features extended (enhanced scheduling options / parameters) and integration with SAP Landscape Transformation server.
  • Business Process Analytics:
    • Improved reporting performance due to incorporation of BI TwinCubes concept.
  • Generate 3D ‘City Model’ representation of results – aligning analysis output to the common visual representation of the data.
  • Decommissioning Cockpit introduced – you can schedule and execute ongoing analyses of the usage of custom code objects in managed systems, providing the means to make more objective decisions about the removal of redundant code.
  • A re-engineered Interactive Continuous Improvement dashboard replaces the legacy CCLM dashboard apps.

SPS12 builds upon the wealth of functionality shipped in SPS10 (see our previous article), and there are some significant developments in the Technical Operations and Business Process Operations topics.  The most notable improvement is the integration of Business Process Monitoring into the Monitoring and Alerting Framework finally providing the platform for customers to completely move away from a CCMS based monitoring architecture.  Transitioning to the MAI based BPM solution will help customers simplify the agent framework in their SAP environments, reducing performance overheads and maintenance effort of a complete technical and business focussed monitoring solution.

As a view to the future,  Rapid ERP are proud to have been invited to an exclusive partner event at SAP’s offices in Germany to get an advanced early look at the new release of SAP Solution Manager (release 7.2, scheduled to be available in mid-2015), which takes place at the end of September.  Don’t forget to check back in early October, when we will be providing some information and our own opinions on the exciting new features planned for the 7.2 release.

If you would like to understand how Rapid ERP can help you achieve your SAP ALM goals and objectives, check out our services page or contact Rapid ERP to see how we can help.

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