User Experience – Service Overview

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User Experience

The SAP user experience is widely acknowledged as falling short of today’s usability expectations.  For companies looking to enhance the SAP user experience, Rapid ERP offer a range of services across a number of UI technologies to provide an intuitive, streamlined user experience, that engages the workforce and encourages them to operate more efficiently.

Business Challenges

  • High training costs, particularly during initial implementation or significant enhancement projects
  • Low end user productivity, as a result of having to refer to operating manuals / work instructions, etc.
  • Low end user satisfaction – users don’t want to use SAP, or consider it clunky, unfriendly, obstructive or slow.

Our Services

SAP User Experience topics / services include:

  • SAP UX Healthcheck – Understand how your users feel about the SAP system. Identify simple improvements that will help with user productivity.
  • SAP Personas – Revamp the way your traditional SAP transactions look and behave. Make them personalised to your organisation and more intuitive to use.
  • SAP Fiori – Bring your SAP user experience up to date through the implementation of transactional ‘apps’ that can be accessed via computers and mobile devices alike.

Benefits of User Experience 

  • Reduce training costs – By adopting an  intuitive user experience the requirement to train end users is reduced

  •  Reduce operational errors – If your software is intuitive and easy to operate, the likelihood of user error is reduced

  •  Improve Productivity – Streamlined user interaction means end users get more done in less time

  •  Increase User Satisfaction – Unlock the power of SAP by ensuring it is an engaging experience for end users

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