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The SAP Signavio Transformation Suite

All things process related for your move to S/4HANA


Ever since its acquisition of Signavio in 2021, SAP has been on an unwavering mission to provide the comprehensive go-to software solution to support organisations as they transition to SAP S/4HANA and beyond. The SAP Signavio Transformation Suite is made up of an integrated set of applications that empowers organisations to leverage best practices to drive digital transformation and business process optimisation (BPO), combining business process management (BPM), process mining, transformation management and more. As SAP likes to self-profess, no other vendor offers so much content to support SAP transformations.


SAP Signavio Process Manager


Transform the way your business operates. Re-engineer processes, fit for the digital era.

PMAN combo 2-1
SAP Signavio Process Insights


Increase productivity and reduce costs. Execute processes efficiently and compliantly.

SAP Signavio & SAP LeanIX


Visualise the relationship between IT applications and processes and establish closer ties between IT and Business stakeholders.

LeanIX_Sig integration


SAP Signavio Transformation Suite provides a unique platform to optimise how things get done. Unlock the full potential of your S/4HANA transformation and streamline and optimise your business processes. Experience a new level of agility, efficiency, and collaboration, enabling your organisation to thrive in today's fast-paced business environment. Discover how SAP Signavio can revolutionise your transformation journey by facilitating the modelling, management, analysis and improvement of all of an organisation's end to end processes within lines of business (LoBs) and SAP application areas, no matter what industry they're in. From Order to Cash (O2C) to Procure to Pay (P2), Plan to Fulfill to Finance, you can realise value across the entire SAP landscape. And now with the newly introduced Process Transformation Manager, you can create, prioritise and track all of your initiatives centrally.


  • Gain an unparalleled understanding of your current business processes.
  • Access a vast array of value drivers to  accelerate and support your transformation journey.
  • Bridge the gap between customer, supplier, and employee experiences with operational realities.


  • Align process design with strategic goals.
  • Model, simulate and collaborate on the future state based on data driven insights.
  • Track performance against measurable targets.
  • Continuously improve and realise value long your project is over.


SAP Signavio's powerful combination of process mining and business process management capabilities support every phase of the transformation journey. Being an SAP tool, it is perfectly suited to leverage on the agile go-to methodology for S/4HANA implementations, SAP Activate. Used together, they form a formidable partnership in guiding and supporting organisations through the entire end-to-end transformation lifecycle.

The SAP Signavio Transformation Suite components realise value across each project phase of SAP Activate, SAP's best practice methodology for transformation projects. The suite provides a vast array of value accelerators such as roadmaps and industry specific best practices, so that organisations do not have to start their transition journeys to S/4HANA from scratch. 


With SAP Signavio’s Transformation Suite, all aspects of your transformation journey and beyond is covered, from process analysis and mining, to process and journey modelling to workflow and automation execution:

  • Process Insights
  • Process Intelligence
  • Process Manager
  • Journey Modeler
  • Process Governance
  • Collaboration Hub
  • Process Explorer
  • Transformation Manager

Process Insights

Hundreds of SAP best practice KPIs and correction recommendations at your finger tips.




Businesses are struggling with achieving process excellence and running successful enterprise transformation projects, including migration to SAP S/4HANA. Getting the right insights is complex and requires time and expertise. SAP Signavio Process Insights is designed to empower business leaders to quickly and more easily evaluate process performance based on data-driven insights, prioritise transformation options, and directly execute change.



PINS solution 2

  • Hundreds of SAP best practice performance metrics for SAP ERP and SAP Ariba applications.
  • Improvement recommendations and prescriptive corrective actions to be executed in the source system.
  • Innovation recommendations to drive long term optimisation and strategic direction.
  • Value analysis for financial benefit estimates against improvement targets.
  • Process flows of core end-to-end processes.

  • Quick identification of process bottlenecks and inefficiencies and access to readily available insights, best practice recommendations and actions.
  • Share key performance metrics and insights with stakeholders and foster better collaboration between the Business and IT.
  • Begin to drive enterprise-wide business transformation across multiple processes by identifying high impact-low effort improvement opportunities.

Process Intelligence

Discover and analyse how your processes are executed through powerful process mining.



PINT combo-3

With Process Insights organisations are able to gain high level process performance insights to kick start their transformation journey. Process Intelligence is the next phase of the journey to process excellence, where its powerful process mining engine provides visibility into a company's operations to discover how processes are actually executed. This often unveils a multitude of inefficiencies, as well as their root causes, which can be very damaging to an organisation. These inefficiencies come in the form of long cycle times, bottlenecks, and excessive rework, which can lead to soaring process costs and customer dissatisfaction. Process intelligence is an essential tool in monitoring and identifying improvement opportunities long after a transformation project is over.



PINT body

  • Process discovery allows you to generate an interactive process map from the event log data.
  • Variant analysis identifies all the different ways processes are executed and the extent to which they deviate from the 'happy path'.
  • Conformance checking allows you to display hotspot activities against selected process variants and/or or to map each variant against the BPMN model of the process.
  • Investigations allow you to customise & tailor specific analyses and dynamically introduce widgets.
  • Trigger actions for process improvement through tight integration with SAP Process Build.


PINT solution

  • Improved operations with data-driven decision making and performance management.
  • Help achieve better and more robust transformation outcomes.
  • Greater process efficiency and harmonisation leading to reduced costs.
  • Improved service levels and customer satisfaction.
  • Increased agility to adapt or redesign your business processes to meet changing market forces.
  • Better process compliance through continuous monitoring.

Process Manager

Bring together your process landscape into one intuitive modelling and management platform



PMAN body

The primary objective of Process Manager is to empower organisations to comprehensively define, model, control, and manage every aspect of their processes, ensuring their continuous fitness for purpose. It provides businesses with the capability to efficiently and effectively manage processes centrally by defining clear roles and accountabilities.





PMAN solution 2

  • Collaborative process modeling based on BPMN 2.0 ( Business Process Model and Notation).
  • Configurable modelling conventions with detailed information on errors and warnings.
  • Quick model for faster and simpler process of discovery and creation.
  • Process simulation for business impact assessment.
  • Reporting on usage, analytics, governance, and risk.
  • Process cost and resource consumption analysis.

Benefits:PMAN Solution 3

  • Increase transparency of the process landscape with one source of truth for recording and maintaining processes.
  • Underpin process excellence by defining processes and process performance management while detecting and removing inefficient process steps or workflows.
  • Improve process adherence and enable faster identification of non-compliant processes and process steps.
  • Facilitate the approval and changing of processes to make sure they are always up to date and fit for purpose.

Journey Modeler

Collaboratively integrate customer and supplier journeys with your processes, systems and people.



JMOD body

The purpose of Journey Modeler is to enable organisations to build a centralised view of how customers, vendors and employees perceive and interact with it. It allows organisations to better understand  customer needs and make their experience relatable across the organisation from a process perspective. As the organisation transforms, Journey Modeler can help ensure customers experience the change in a positive way.



JMOD combo 2-1

  • Model journeys collaboratively across the organisation.
  • Design and modify journey models with extended customisation capabilities.
  • Integrate with an organisation's business repositories and objects.
  • Analyse journey complexity and identify improvement areas faster.




JMOD solution

  • View customer journeys from their perspective and understand how processes impact their experiences.
  • Leverage on process intelligence data and insights for a deeper understanding of the impact of processes on experiences and journeys.
  • Leverage business taxonomy and benefit from a central repository for creating personas and managing touchpoints with processes.
  • Promote awareness and a customer-centric approach throughout the organisation.

Process Governance

Gain visibility and control of changes while monitoring and improving adoption and compliance.



PGOV solution

Organisations are always looking for ways to manage their business processes effectively and efficiently. The purpose of Process Governance is to turn business process models into standardised workflows that can be rolled out across the organisation. This enables tasks to be appointed and coordinated, and help ensure collaborative process approval & administration.




PGOV combo-1

  • Manage process lifecycle by automating process release cycle management and approvals.
  • Automate tasks such as decision points, checklists, forms, e-mail notifications for deadlines.
  • Automated approval workflows with task ownership.
  • Map and notify stakeholders using attributes for process approval, risk control assessments, and maturity assessments.
  • Collaboration area where organisations can gather feedback from stakeholders and share insights and comments.
  • Reporting dashboards to track workflow and governance performance.


  • Do away with spreadsheets and centrally manage all aspects of risk and control management in the one place.
  • Automate process release cycle management by automating the process approval and publishing procedure.
  • Standardise maturity and risk assessments with highly configurable process governance workflows using the standard BPMN notation.

Collaboration Hub

Foster enterprise wide workforce participation and interaction in all things process related.



CHUB solution 2

Organisations are always looking for ways The purpose of Collaboration Hub is to provide a centralised platform that facilitates effective collaboration, process management, and decision-making by offering a comprehensive view of business processes and workflows.





PCOLL Build-1

  • Provides detailed visual representations of business processes, enabling users to map, analyse, and understand complex workflows.
  • Facilitates collaboration among teams and stakeholders with features for sharing, commenting, and discussing process diagrams and models.
  • Seamlessly integrates with various SAP solutions as well as non-SAP systems, ensuring a unified view of processes across the entire business landscape.
  • Offers customisable dashboards and reporting tools to monitor process performance, identify bottlenecks, and track improvement over time.

PCOLL combo 2

  • Understand, track, and manage process mining and process management initiatives.
  • Process collaboration helps ensure alignment on all processes across the organisation, while constantly informing and keeping the workforce updated.
  • Get a 360-degree view of process content and key metrics.
  • Gain access to all SAP Signavio components for authorised persons such as process experts global process owners from one central location.
  • Share insights, collect feedback and submit reviews and comments. 
  • Receive updates and notifications to stay informed on changes and requests for input.

Process Explorer

Best practices, guided procedures, and other value accelerators at your fingertips.



PEXP combo 1

The SAP Signavio Process Explorer is designed to be the go-to repository for all resources and value accelerators to support and speed up transformation projects. In doing so, it aims to help organisations avoid the complexity, costs, and time involved in starting from scratch, and to closer align with SAP best practices.




PEXP combo 2

  • A vast collection of value accelerators by industry, product, process, and capability.
  • Additional resources such as process blueprints, roadmaps and best practices.
  • Role based entry points and learning paths depending on the needs of the user.
  • Live content generation from a global community of process experts.


PEXP solution

  • Accelerate time to value by applying preconfigured models built around and organisation's specific needs.
  • Challenge one's existing process landscape, by leveraging best-practice processes and metrics.
  • Find inspiration to improve processes and share knowledge within and across teams.
  • Continuously validate transformation direction by leveraging on best practices and guidelines.
  • Use in conjunction with SAP Signavio Process Navigator which provides deployment details specific to the organisation's SAP portfolio.

Transformation Manager

Collaboratively plan, prioritise and track initiatives centrally based on realistic but tangible goals.



Transformation Manager 1

The transformation manager is a toolkit which enables transformation managers and process stakeholders to collaboratively create, prioritise and manage transformation insights and improvement initiatives. It allows them to get an instant and holistic overview of initiatives and the tasks and activities that have transpired during their lifecycles. It facilitates value driven decision making by enabling stakeholders to set realistic targets based on industry benchmarks and quantify the financial benefit of executing continuous improvements. 



Transformation Manager 2

  • Initiatives: collaboratively create, manage and prioritise transformation initiatives facilitated by a complete overview of activities, progress and associated insights.
  • Centralised Insights: effortlessly find and incorporate findings from SAP Signavio and present them in one central platform.
  • Benchmarking Analytics: Easily attain a holistic process performance overview and measure how your organisation is performing against best-in-class companies. Then set  targets with timescales and monitor progress.


Transformation Manager 4

  • Identify and prioritise process improvement opportunities and act on them swiftly and seamlessly from a single source of truth.
  • Visibility of business impact of improvements encourages even greater collaboration and stakeholder incentive to continuously drive improvement initiatives forward.
  • Easily identify where to improve and set realistic targets, the financial benefit of which can be tracked and quantified.



Launch your transformation journey with our Rapid Deployment Services (RDS)

We offer a range of starter packs for fast-time-to-value deployments of process mining and process management tools to kick start your transformation journey. Not sure what to go for? Don't worry. Our Digital transformation process mining/management solution assessment service will evaluate your requirements and provide you with the best fit to meet your business objectives.

icons8-compliance-100 BPO Assessment Service

Objective ‘fact-based’ assessment report of ‘best fit’ tools and roadmap for your organisation’s business process transformation, improvement and management needs.



Establish a strong business case and proof of value (PoV) for SAP Signavio Process Insights for S/4HANA transformations and business process optimisation projects. Includes implementation support and detailed analysis for one end-to-end process or use case.


Introduction to the SAP Signavio Transformation Suite as part of the Discover phase of your S/4HANA migration project, which includes a complimentary executive summary report and access to Process Insights for one process flow.



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