Test Automation – Service Overview

Test Automation – Service Overview2021-06-16T10:28:44+00:00
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SAP Test Automation

SAP and Tricentis have joined forces to deliver integrated testing support for all new SAP releases, this is the first time that a third-party testing technology has been embedded into both SAP Solution Manager and SAP Cloud ALM. This is a significant announcement since the only free Test Automation tool previously provided within SAP Solution Manager 7.2 was CBTA. Whilst CBTA is a great tool for automation of SAP centric processes, it was limited to just SAP technologies, therefore automating a true end-to-end scenario, involving other non-SAP applications presented a challenge.  With Tricentis Tosca, full end-to-end test automation, across SAP and non-SAP technologies, will now be much easier to achieve.

Business Challenges

  • Knowing what to test (Impact Analysis)
  • Compressed testing timescales
  • Lack of business capacity to support the testing activity
  • Lack of reusable test plans and scripts

Our Services

Pre-packaged Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS) on a range of topics:

  • Manual Test Management
  • Tricentis Test Automation
  • Scope and Effort Analyser

Benefits of using Test Automation

  • Reduced business effort required to test core processes

  • No additional license costs

  • Reusable Test Assets

  • Integrated Defect Management

  • Collaborative, centralised Test environment

  • Reduced Risk

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