Strategic Advisory – Service Overview

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Strategic Advisory

For companies looking for impartial help with strategic and or important elements of their SAP Investment. Companies may either have their own in house teams or other third parties delivering their SAP Solutions. This impartial advisory service can be used to either verify current strategies or help in defining new strategies.

Business Challenges 

  • The need for maximisation of return from their SAP Investment
  • Confusing or conflicting advice from; business, SAP, in-house teams and or Third party service providers
  • The need for assurance that the delivery path they are planning is in line with best practice
  • Mitigation of future investment risk

Our Services 

The Strategic advisory will deliver the following :

  • Assessment of the current and planned Strategic Objectives
  • A review of current programme performance against Objectives
  • Identification of potential actions to improve performance , amend strategy or propose additional products or services required to match best practice

Benefits of using Strategic Advisory 

  • Protecting existing investment by aligning to best practice

  • Independent validation of current and future strategy

  • Identifying improvement potential in business processes, tools and practices

  • Facilitate future benefit exploitation via SAP

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