Solution Manager 7.2 SP06 – New & Enhanced Features

SP06 is out now!

With the ever-evolving maturity of SAP Solution Manager 7.2, the latest support package stack, SP06, although smaller in scale than its previous version. This brings new and enhanced features across a broad spectrum of the Solution Manager functional scope. SP06 is available right now to implement for your SAP Solution Manager system.

This article takes a look at the key enhancements that have been made available with the new support package.

Process Management

  • New Auto Mapping feature allows to map draft symbols detected from the diagram to existing objects from the Solution Documentation elements. Auto mapping can be proposed based on comparison of used names and objects from the Solution Documentation structure. This feature allows to model a diagram easier using the draft symbols and replace them easily by ‘real’ Solution Documentation elements, in the case where the process logic needs to be documented and agreed before going to the effort of creating the underlying ‘real’ elements. Texts can be moved to predefined positions via the context menu. This is possible for shapes having the title outside of its boundary like Events, Gateways, Data Stores, Data Objects, Roles, Systems, or Flows.
  • Upload Excel Files In solution administration, on the Imports tab, it is possible to upload local Excel files to provide an initial Solution Documentation structure comprising elements (scenarios / processes / process steps), assignments, documents, and attributes.
  • Elements history can be displayed via context menu Display History. This function shows the change history of structure elements and assignments (including corresponding attributes).
  • Reporting and Search options, in Solution Documentation, the functions for reporting and searching incorporates now the following entities, related documents, diagram entities: BPMN diagram elements and universal diagram elements, library usages.

Change Management

  • Ignoring CSOL You will not be notified about cross-system object lock conflicts or release check conflicts that are detected during upon-saving checks and release checks in a defect correction when the conflict originates from a normal change or a standard change in same cycle.
  • Standard change status “Authorized for Production” has been deleted. The standard change process has been changed to the effect that when the standard change document has status “Successfully Tested” and the original transport request is transported into all production systems, the standard change is set to “Imported into Production”. This is performed by a background job when the original transport request is transported into production system.
  • From the Landscape assignment block, you can view failed transport requests as transport errors in the Transport Risk dialog box. From the Transport Risk dialog box, you can directly access the CTS Transport Organiser for the transport request to view the transport log. The log helps you analyze the nature of the transport errors.

A Whole Host of Innovation

Expand the sections below for a round-up of other interesting new enhancements found in SP06.

  • Project and Project tasks can now be searched in the Embedded Search solution (via either TREX or HANA)
  • It is now possible to remove multiple business transactions from project tasks
  • The Change Cycles dashboard application provides an overview about projects and their details which are assigned to a change cycle. The change cycle acts as global filter and needs to be selected in the filter area in order to get a result
  • You can now drag and drop documents into Solution Documentation. It is also possible to display and hide a drop area for drag and drop of one document or many documents.
  • In Collaboration Diagrams, a pool/process can be added more than one time in the diagram
  • Universal Diagram., It is also possible to change the font size and colour of the shape’s texts. Titles of all shapes can be moved to predefined positions via the context menu
  • Assign Substitute for Testers, as a tester you can assign a substitute to replace you during a time of absence
  • Configuration steps have been simplified as statuses are automatically inherited. Scoping for configuration of systems under test has been refined
  • Number of test cases per test package is now visible in the test packages list
  • You can filter your list of test packages and test sequences
  • Mass maintenance applications are now available for maintenance of test plan and test package attributes.
  • If a colleague has checked-out a document but is not working on it, you can undo the check-out to edit the document yourself
  • In the manual execution screen you can see the hierarchy path and as a tester you can access the test cases hierarchy to execute your tests
  • In addition to the test plan status report, the tester data report provides more detail on the test execution
  • Modernised analytical application which runs on mobile devices as well as on desktop computers
  • Redesigned UI and simplification of setup steps
  • General extensions and improvements to simplify the use of data consistency management
  • With the ADMIN or EXEC user role, you can lock a specific guided procedure execution instance in the Complete step, preventing it from subsequent changes
  • You can also overwrite the execution status and add a closing comment. Related tasks will be automatically set to completed. You can unlock a locked guided procedure execution instance in the log book.
  • You can enable the user to navigate to the next step even if in the previous step all mandatory activities haven’t been executed successfully
  • On the newly added Analytics page, you get the availability (in percentage) of the selected technical scenarios or groups
  • You can view the self-monitoring details of message flow monitoring by choosing the Job Status icon
  • You can use this new reporting tool, which can be used on mobiles, as an alternative to the existing configuration validation tool
  • In a log comment, you can now enter a formatted text. With the SM_UPLOAD authorization object, you can also upload an image, for example a screenshot. You can then access this image choosing the link in the Display area of the Log screen area
  • Preparations for standalone retrofit are available in the SolMan configuration session
  • The standard change is available in the “Hypercare” phase and “Operate” phase of the release cycle
  • When copying business transaction types, you can also choose to create a customer UI configuration for your customer transaction type
  • You can start the Business Process Change Analyzer from a change cycle (phase cycle, release cycle, and continual cycle) via an action
  • There is now a check to see if the configuration item information is provided in the change document. The check is customized for all change documents and their initial status (administrative, general, urgent, normal change, and defect correction). It sets the document status to error
  • Normal Changes and Standard Changes can now be used in a continual cycle
  • When you switch to a new cycle or close a cycle, the active import jobs assigned to the cycle are handled automatically
  • You can now assign projects and project phases to incidents from within the CRM WebClient UI. You can also search for incidents assigned to projects and phases from the CRM WebClient UI
  • You can replace the existing description field, which is limited to 40 characters with an extended description field of 120 characters. The extended description field is available only in the CRM WebClient UI
  • Savings Potential – Reorganization and Compression SAP Fiori App, you can use this app to simulate the savings potential of compression and reorganization. Based on this information you can decide if you want to take further action such as compression or reorganization of tables and indexes to save space on the database

For more information on the latest release of SAP Solution Manager 7.2 see our various Insight articles here, alternatively contact us now and we’ll be in touch asap.

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