SMaaMS – Service Overview

SMaaMS – Service Overview2018-10-09T11:52:22+00:00
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Solution Manager as a Managed Service (SMaaMS)

For companies looking to maximize the value of their existing SAP solution and explore SAP ALM, and not wishing or not having the resources to operate a Solution Manager system within their own environment, Rapid ERP can provide a fully managed service around SAP ALM.

Business Challenges

  • Desire to benefit from core ALM services, but without the overhead of infrastructure
  • Existing SAP Solution Manager system usage does not warrant costs of maintaining an on premise system

Our Services 

The solution enables customers to obtain access to a Solution Manager system and ALM functionality for a minimal commitment

  • Low Cost Entry Point
  • Access to cloud hosted Solution Manager system
  • Shared tenancy or dedicated instances

Benefits of using SMaaMs

  • Low Commitment Entry Point – low cost entry point and minimal commitment

  •  ALM Enabler – Access to a wealth of ALM functionality with limited commitment

  •  Reduced Risk – No operational overhead, receive updates and innovation

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