Simplified User Licensing for SAP Solution Manager in 2018!

A big change is coming to the way user licensing is handled in SAP Solution Manager. Starting in the new year, SAP have made it much easier for organisations to leverage the power of SAP Solution Manager across their entire user base. Previously, every user in Solution Manager also needed a user license somewhere else in the SAP estate. This could have been as simple as purchasing a low-touch user license where no other license already existed, but it still presented challenges for customers wanting to roll-out enterprise wide functionality such as ITSM or Change Management; and has been a constant source of confusion amongst customers, support providers and even SAP themselves.

The good news…. In 2018 your organisation will only need a valid maintenance contract to use SAP Solution Manager. There will be no individual user licensing, no confusion* and no more worries!

*Ok, so there are still some ‘gotchas’; there are the usual constraints regarding the functional baseline you can access, and (as you might expect) the new Focused Solutions are not included, but generally speaking this is a great bit of news from our friends at Waldorf.

As always, if you have any questions on this or any other SAP  solution Manager matters, feel free to get in touch.

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