Our Service Lines

SAP Business ByDesign

Is your IT solution holding you back?  Looking for a highly integrated ERP solution for your small or mid-sized business?  SAP Business ByDesign offers a comprehensive, scalable cloud based ERP solution.

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Focused Solutions

A new suite of ‘turnkey’ solutions based on SAP Solution Manager – made for immediate consumption. They are ready-to-run, highly integrated, pre-configured, and automated.

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Business Value

Unlock hidden value in SAP, by understanding how to optimise your Business Processes to either operate more efficiently, or to discover where revenue is tied up in incomplete processing.

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Application Lifecycle Management

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) provides processes, tools, best practices and services to manage SAP and non-SAP solutions throughout the complete application lifecycle.

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Employee Engagement

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Security and Compliance

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IT Strategy

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Our Delivery Methodology

Our unique delivery method allows our services to be delivered in an agile fashion, reducing the time it takes to see the real, tangible effects of our work. With it’s heritage in the SCRUM methodology, we work with our customers to define the scope of activities, prioritise requirements, and deliver against these within mutually agreed time scales.

We pride ourselves in our collaborative approach. We believe that our customers should be involved throughout all phases of the implementation process and, importantly, should have an opportunity to review the solution at pre-defined checkpoints. We find that taking this approach leads to a solution that often exceeds our customer’s initial expectations, as the final product has been collaboratively designed and developed. What is more, our customer’s own their solution from the outset and feel proud to evangelise and publicise the goals that we have achieved together.

Our customers also have the freedom to select freely from our service catalogue, which boasts an array of fixed price, fixed scope services. This is ideal for customers that require the predictability over scope, cost and delivery that is provided by these proven, repeatable services.

Should our array of catalogued and Rapid Deployment Services not meet your needs, our services can also be tailored to our customer’s requirements. The modular design, together with the expertise of our consultants, means that we can deliver against exacting requirements whilst maintaining our delivery philosophy and extremely high levels of client satisfaction.

Customers are increasingly looking for rapid time-to-value and solutions that deliver predictability via fixed scope, costs and delivery timescales.

At the same time, these solutions must still provide flexibility and be able to scale in line with the differing requirements of small to large organisations.

Our SAP ALM Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS) meet these requirements with small modular service packages, for specific areas of ALM functionality, which are cost effective and quick to implement, thus delivering rapid value and a quick return on investment.

All of our ALM RDS offerings contain:

  • Tools and Accelerators – An agile, iterative implementation methodology, delivery handbooks, checklists and content to facilitate easy identification of customer requirements and streamlined project delivery
  • Proven Services – The ‘productized’ services can be delivered repeatedly and reliably, with assured quality, fixed scope and cost
  • Pre-Configured Processes – Templates developed in our own Solution Manager system are deployed in the customer landscape to provide a quick-start for specific ALM processes
  • Enablement Content – This includes product information and value calculators or success stories to help promote and position the offering via support teams and delivery managers.
  • Pre-recorded demos and service info sheets for initial engagement with customers and preparing for the delivery of the RDS service