Security Optimisation – Service Overview

Security Optimisation – Service Overview2018-10-09T11:59:54+00:00

Security Optimisation

For companies looking to Optimise the security of their SAP environment. Security is often thought of as simply assigning roles to users. Many customers will run their systems with default parameters unaware of the potential security breaches that may occur. We offer SAP  security analysis and reporting services to highlight potential issues and recommend resolutions.

Business Challenges 

  • Manage the risk of keeping Key Business Data securely
  • Availability of suitably skilled resource to review and manage user roles and authorisations
  • Lack of knowledge of internal and external security parameters and impact of parameter settings

Our Services 

This solution offers a number of security analysis and reporting options:

  • Early Watch Alert EWA (Security Section)
  • Security Notes Report
  • Security Optimization Service – analysis of your SAP system, report output with recommendations to improve security of the system

Benefits of Security Optimisation 

  • Detailed analysis & comprehensive recommendations for low effort

  • Audit compliance

  • Protection of service – prevent  unintentional downtime due to user actions permitted by superfluous authorisations

  • Protection of data – protect against unauthorised access

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