SAP Roadmap – Service Overview

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SAP Roadmap

As an SAP customer, you want to understand how to get the most from your investment, and ensure that your SAP solution continues to meet the needs of an ever-evolving business.  You may wish to adopt the latest cloud solutions, and integrate these into your existing on-premise IT landscape, or take advantage of  new in-memory or mobile technologies.  You need a clear and comprehensive SAP Roadmap that consolidates and unifies the requirements from both Business and IT.

Business Challenges 

  • Difficulty keeping pace with changing business needs and the technology required to support them
  • Lack of understanding of the latest SAP innovations and how to deploy them to create business value
  • Challenges articulating the investment requirements and business justification for new IT investment

Our Services 

SAP Roadmap services provide:

  • Facilitated workshops and discussion with IT and business leaders to identify the key requirements and objectives, and the existing state of the IT landscape and solutions
  • Explanation of the latest SAP technologies and mapping to business needs
  • A clear, detailed roadmap for maintenance, adoption and transformation, of your SAP Solution and technology platform
  • Business case and ROI / value calculation (if required)

Benefits of using Strategic Advisory 

  • Supports better budgeting – by providing clear investment requirements

  •  Aligns business requirements with IT projects and technology

  •  Provides clarity on your future options and strategic priorities

  •  Fresh perspectives – from experienced cross-industry consultants

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