SAP Launch Expert Chat to speed up issue handling

SAP recently introduced an Expert Chat function to the SAP ONE Support Launchpad. This feature is a great way to receive immediate support from SAP themselves, helping to resolve issues much quicker than other SAP support channels. The problem can be simple or complex and, unlike the normal SAP Message raising process, this option provides real-time interaction with SAP experts enabling your issue to be handled much more efficiently.

Some benefits of expert chat are:

  • Efficient issue resolution: Through the Expert Chat service, SAP optimises the support process by combining all necessary information at an early stage, aiming to solve your problem without needing deeper investigation.
  • Diminished downtime: Expert Chat has been proven to considerably reduce the amount of time businesses spend supporting SAP products, including resolving incidents and issues.

To see how to add this tile to your Support Launchpad, please watch the video below.

This great feature complements the pre-existing ability in SAP Solution Manager to automatically capture context sensitive information about any user or application failure (transaction code, user messages, application failure codes, etc) that can then be sent through to SAP, saving valuable time in the error resolution process when you most need it.

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