SAP Solution Manager SP11 has now arrived and with it SAP have delivered the new ‘Scope and Effort Analyser’.

This is a significant new tool for those SAP organisations looking to reduce the costs and efforts associated with major Maintenance and/or Enhancement Package (EHP) upgrade projects.

How does SAP Solution Manager and the Scope and Effort Analyser reduce costs?
Simply put, by addressing some of the key challenges associated with maintenance and enhancement package upgrade projects:

  • Identification of what has actually changed BEFORE upgrade
  • Reducing the amount of test redundancy by identifying only those processes that need to be tested

When combined with the other features of SAP Solution Manager this brings significant benefits:

  • Transparency – The Business Processes and Customer Code Objects that are actually used and require remediation are identified automatically
  • Flexibility – The analysis can be run at any time in the planning phase, before the EHP and/or Support Package are physically installed
  • Accurate Test Effort Prediction – Understand what will need to be tested (test scope identification) and reduce the required test effort through test scope optimisation
  • Reduced Timeframe – Automating change impact analysis and test scope identification before application of the Maintenance and EHP will significantly reduce the project planning and test execution phases of your project

Look out for a full Rapid ERP Insight into this topic in the near future. In the meantime, if you have any questions on the functionality or would like to see how our services can help you realise the benefits of SAP Solution Manager, contact us today.

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