Simplify SAP Change Approvals with the new Fiori App

Simplify SAP Change Approvals with the new Fiori App2018-10-08T15:51:34+00:00

Project Description

SAP Fiori has simplified the way in which users interact with a variety of applications, especially in SAP ECC and S/4 systems, but until recently SAP Solution Manager was largely left out of the loop. With Support Pack 07 the latest evolution of the SAP user experience is now available across several Application Lifecycle Management functions, providing users with better transparency of their data, greater user satisfaction and improved productivity.

One of the biggest use cases for Fiori in SAP Solution Manager is in support of Change Request Management (ChaRM) – one of the most commonly implemented functions across our customer base.

Accessed via the ‘My Inbox SAP Fiori app’ (which has been designed to support many ITSM functions), the ChaRM approval workflow has become much simpler and more accessible for all users involved in the process. The user centred design brings a new set of features aimed to support the ChaRM process:

  • Obtain better visibility of the records that you need to process
  • Easily upload additional files as attachments
  • Instantly send emails or post tasks on a pre-configured JAM site
  • View the Business Cards of the application users
  • Create and manage substitution rules to manage Change Approval tasks in your absence
  • View attachments and comments without needing to drill into the detailed record
  • Perform mass actions, for example, process several approval tasks at the same time
  • Organise your outstanding tasks quickly through sorting, filtering and grouping the tasks requiring action

In our experience, we see the ‘My Inbox’ Fiori application vastly improving the accessibility of key ChaRM functions, including:

  • Urgent Change Approval – Approve (or Reject!) the import of Urgent Changes into the Production system
    • Preliminary Import Approval – Approve/Reject the preliminary import of Normal Changes
      • Critical Object Approval – Approves/Reject Critical Objects of a Change Document
        • Whitelist Object Approval – Approve/Reject the whitelist objects of a Change Document
          • Request for Change Approval – No doubt the most asked for function. Approve/Reject the Request for Change records

          Finally, we should mention the ‘My Inbox’ SAP Fiori application is also accessible via mobile devices running on iOS or Android operating systems. This will vastly simplify the accessibility of your ChaRM solution and allow employees to access their data from any location at any time. Now that Urgent Change approval doesn’t need to interrupt your coffee break!

          Do you want to know more about how SAP Fiori application can help simplify your SAP ALM processes? Contact us here and ask for a demo.

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