Simplified Process Monitoring in SAP Solution Manager

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Project Description

Many of you will be familiar with and indeed utilising the Business Process Monitoring functionality in SAP Solution Manager 7.2 to identify and keep track of both IT and Business process exceptions. Although the early detection of issues in your company’s SAP operations is hugely beneficial, the day to day working with alerts, the alert inbox, and associated functions can sometimes feel protracted and time consuming. But what if you just want to get a simple overview of the monitored objects and quick access to the affected SAP transactions? Simplified Process Monitoring, as the name suggests, allows for straightforward consumption of process monitoring metrics and is fully integrated with your existing BPMon and/or Process Management solutions.

In Solution Documentation, the monitoring objects can be activated as elements within the context of your existing business process steps or assigned to a new process specifically for the purposes of process monitoring.

Solution Documentation

Key Benefits of Simplified Business Process Monitoring

  • Improved user experience with simplified consumption of Solution Manager monitoring content
  • View in the context of business processes & diagrams
  • Fully integrated with BPMN
  • Instant drill down to document list
  • Can be referenced from existing BPA content

Key Benefits of standard Business Process Monitoring (BPMon)

  • Increase operational efficiency by faster issue detection and resolution of business process exceptions
  • Integration with Process Management
  • Track alert status and frequency via analytics

Monitoring objects can be pooled together within their respective categories of throughput, backlog, or exception, as well as displayed at key figure, monitoring object or managed system level. You can even combine with relevant technical monitoring objects to see how system performance is impacting your operations. The threshold values applied within configuration are also neatly presented against each tile with traffic light colour coding.

Metric Views

  • Throughput: Do the number of documents or items created/posted meet expectations?
  • Backlog: Are the number of overdue, incomplete or blocked documents causing operational issues and bottlenecks?
  • Exceptions: Do the high number of exceptions in the processing and posting of documents expose master data or configuration issues?

Key Features

  • View metrics in the context of their associated process steps
  • Traffic light ratings for easy visualisation of metric status
  • Group metrics under different values
  • Evaluate measured values for different timeframes
  • Instant drilldown to the relevant documents in ECC / S/4H


With Simplified Business Process Monitoring you have a no-fuss overview of your current business process operations with instant access to the document list in your managed system. A great way to introduce your organisation to the business process monitoring and analytics capabilities of SAP Solution Manager and a worthy complement to any existing BPMon and Process Management solution.

If you’d like to find out more about SAP’s Simplified Business Process Monitoring and how it can help your organisation, why not contact us for a demo.

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