Kickstart your HANA Adoption with Solution Manager 7.2

Kickstart your HANA Adoption with Solution Manager 7.22017-02-01T13:35:40+00:00

Project Description

One of the most significant announcements relating to Solution Manager 7.2  is the option for SAP Enterprise Support customers to use SAP HANA as the underlying database technology to support their SAP Solution Manager installation, WITHOUT additional license costs. This offers some significant benefits to those customers who are not only considering a transition to SAP HANA, but for those who are having to pay additional license / maintenance costs for their existing SAP Solution Manager database.

For those of you that haven’t heard about SAP HANA (in which case, where have you been?) this is the name given to SAP’s ‘In-memory data platform’; consider it as a replacement for the traditional database, allowing immediate access to data without the need for any data preparation, pre-aggregates or tuning. As such, it is well suited to both real time and analytical applications.  More information about the HANA platform can be found here.

The usage of HANA for SAP Solution Manager is anticipated to yield massive performance savings, perhaps as much as 70%, through the removal of the traditional database and a reduction in data replication and background jobs. For those operating CRM based scenarios (ITSM and ChaRM) the use of HANA will also remove the need to implement and maintain a SAP TREX instance, as full text search indexing is natively available on the HANA platform.

In our opinion, this gives SAP technical teams the ideal opportunity to ‘try out’ SAP HANA free of charge, before embarking upon an enterprise wide rollout. The technical teams can familiarise themselves with the upgrade approach, migration activities, administration requirements and the corresponding performance improvements should become immediately apparent, all without any up-front investment in HANA licenses.

Solution Manager 7.2 really is the platform to kickstart your journey into the world of SAP HANA!

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