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Project Description

Process optimisation is not an aspiration, it’s a priority

If there’s one thing that all top market leading analysts agree on it is that in 2023 we are going to see an accelerated demand for process mining and process intelligence technologies as the stark realities of geo-political and economic instability continue to take their toll. The drive to optimise business processes and boost productivity whilst reducing costs, has become top priority for most organisations, in order to help stimulate growth, maintain the status quo or even just to survive.

Most companies however, struggle to make headway as they venture into process optimisation, because their operations are awash with inefficiencies. These inefficiencies arise because organisations have little visibility of what’s really happening in their core business processes on a day-to-day basis, so they are unable to differentiate between the hidden ‘as-is’ and the ‘as-expected’. You cannot improve what you are not aware of.

This is the problem that every company faces:

Over time, trying to get end-to-end visibility of these processes becomes too complex, too onerous and too resource consuming. Companies suspect there are issues, but don’t know how severe or widespread they could be. They need help. They need something that will quickly identify gaps, to what extent they are harming the Business, and recommend actions to eliminate them…for good.

You’re thinking ‘process mining’ is the answer, right? Process mining alone won’t cut the mustard. It is of course an integral stage of the improvement cycle, but it requires a 360 degree digital footprint of data on which to work its forensic magic, preferably that is real time or near real time to maximise its effectiveness.

Turning insights into action:

The Celonis Execution Management System (EMS):

Organisations that successfully adopt process mining and the EMS have been able to realise significant value, both in terms of the sought after financial benefits, but also people, by having a more productive workforce and happier customers.


(Touchless Orders)

Top Performers 80%
Average Performers 56%

Cost Reduction
(Process Cost / Order)

Top Performers
Average Performers 26£

Satisfied Customers
(On-Time Deliveries)

Top Performers 90%
Average Performers 43%

The Celonis EMS comes with a multitude of out-of-the-box applications and instruments to help you hit the ground running,  aligning KPIs to strategic business objectives and use cases.

Let’s take a look at a typical scenario:

In the execution application for order management within the order to cash (O2C) process, Celonis automatically identifies the number of sales orders affected by inefficiencies and calculates the financial impact.

For the business objective of boosting ‘Customer Satisfaction’ by improving the KPI  ‘On-Time In-Full’ (OTIF) deliveries, Celonis determines that the top inefficiency impacting OTIF is ‘Delivery Blocks’, and that delays to delivery block removal is the principal root cause of late deliveries.

Since the removal of delivery blocks is largely a manual and therefore error-prone exercise, Celonis recommends using an action flow to intelligently automate the administration and prioritisation of deliveries which are in danger of delay to ensure delivery blocks are either removed in good time, or the customer is kept informed of delivery postponement. Both of these actions contribute to a better on-time delivery rate and customer satisfaction.

This is just one of countless process scenarios and use cases available on the Celonis EMS platform.

To find out more about Celonis process mining and EMS capabilities, please visit our Celonis services page here, or feel free to contact us to discuss how to embark on your process optimisation journey, and realise true business value, fast.

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