BPA Metrics on SAP Analytics Cloud via Focused Insights

BPA Metrics on SAP Analytics Cloud via Focused Insights2021-07-28T10:04:00+00:00

Project Description

In our previous Insights on the topics of Business Process Analytics & Improvement and Simplified Process Monitoring, we have covered in depth the attributes and functionality of the range of tooling available, but always within the context of SAP Solution Manager itself. Dashboard Builder and Focused Insights have recently provided IT and Business Process Experts with contemporary dashboarding alternatives, but still within SAP Solution Manager.

But what if you wish to be able to view your Business Process KPIs alongside your Operational & Business Intelligence reports in SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)? Well, now you can! Since January 2020, Focused Insights has been free to customers, where BPA metrics are typically presented within the OCC (or Operations Control Center) dashboard category. The data contained within each tile or panel of a Focused Insight OCC dashboard can be referenced from one or more BPA key figures, but also directly from a BPO dashboard panel, making a comparatively similar dashboard very quick and simple to set up. These metrics can then be imported into SAP Analytics Cloud as separate datasets and models and used to create stories in their own right or combined with datasets from other sources, like BW for example.

So how is it done? SAC uses the OData services connection and gadget ID of the relevant Focused Insights tile to create the dataset. As the dimensions have already been defined and data aggregated, this typically takes almost no time at all. You are then ready to take advantage of SAC’s state-of-the-art data visualisation and manipulation features to compile, further aggregate and present the data exactly how you want.

If however you are still not satisfied, it is also possible and straightforward to import Excel spreadsheet downloads of the Detail List reports, accessed via the traditional BPO dashboards or BPA key figures to provide a much larger dataset, more dimensions and measures, and more possibilities for data exploration and collaboration.

Key Benefits

  • Combine Business Process KPIs with Business Information reports on the same platform
  • Combine with any other SAP Solution Manager metrics on Focused Insights
  • Greater empowerment for end users to create their own visualisations
  • Better collaboration and sharing of process analysis insights


The strengths and benefits SAP Solution Manager as a Business Process Improvement ‘toolbox’ are well understood and documented, but today’s business users are demanding ever increasing sophistication in how their analytical data is presented, consumed and shared. By importing your BPA data into SAP Analytics Cloud, you can have your cake…. and eat it.

Get in touch with us to discover how to prepare stunning visuals of your business process KPIs, or just to find out more about Business Process Analytics & Improvement tooling from SAP Solution Manager in general. For a more in-depth understanding of how to achieve better SAP business process efficiency using SAP Solution Manager, why not download our Whitepaper.

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