OpenSAP: Agile Project Delivery with Focused Build for SAP Solution Manager

Throughout the last 6 weeks, our team has been taking part in the OpenSAP course ‘Agile Project Delivery with Focused Build for SAP Solution Manager’. This course was a great opportunity for our team to expand their existing hands-on knowledge of Focused Build and test themselves against the graded assignments. Globally, over 11,500 people took part, with 1,685 earning a record of achievement (obtained through the submission of weekly assignments and passing a final exam). For ourselves at  Rapid ERP, we are pleased to report that 100% of our attendees passed the course with a select few in the top 5%!

The course itself provided the theory and accompanying practical exercises across all aspects of the Focused Build solution, an invaluable tool for the delivery of S/4HANA implementation projects covering requirements capture, process design and documentation, build, test and deployment.

A breakdown of the topics covered on the course follows:

  • Week 1 – Project Preparation and Management
  • Week 2 – Explore Phase (Process Expert/Analyst)
  • Week 3 – Realization (Architect/Developer)
  • Week 4 – Test Management
  • Week 5 – Release Management
  • Week 6 – Focused Build Enablement

There isn’t another toolset available that provides all this functionality in an integrated fashion. Best of all, Focused Build is an add-on to SAP Solution Manager and available as part of your existing SAP Enterprise License (Focused Build is provided free of charge to SAP customers as of 1st Jan 2020).

There are many benefits to using Focused Build, some of the key takeaways are listed below

  • Orchestrate the entire project management process. Covering Requirements to Build, Test, Deploy, Go-Live and Run in an integrated methodology and toolset. Focused Build is all you need to manage every aspect of project delivery
  • Total Transparency. Get real-time updates of project progress and solution readiness without overloading the PMO team with tiresome chasing and manual work via easily consumable dashboard.
  • Full Accountability. Trace Project Requirements through to delivery, with early identification of scope changes and missed due dates
  • Greater Efficiency. Automated process for project activities to save time. Mass processing of approvals and status changes
  • Easy Traceability. Trace Requirements through to Work Packages, Testing and Transports
  • Agile Project Delivery. Support Agile Build with constant Business feedback via Waves and Sprints
  • New, specifically developed apps. Easy to use interfaces to enable all project team members to work efficiently

In summary, if you are about to undertake a SAP Digital Transformation project and in the need of a single toolset to manage the entire process, then Focused Build for SAP Solution Manager is exactly what you need. If you’d like to find out more, use the contact button below to speak to one of our certified consultants or check out our related Insights and Services pages:

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