New Whitepaper Series: The Quest for Business Process Efficiency in SAP

We are pleased to announce the publication of our latest whitepaper series: The Quest for Business Process Efficiency in SAP.

One of the biggest challenges facing an organisation running SAP is how to maximize the return on their investment and get the best out of their existing solution. Efficiency and effectiveness in the execution of business processes are fundamental to achieving this, but it is not easily quantifiable or measurable, particularly given the complexity of processes that is the backbone of a company’s business operations.

Whether your organization is using SAP really well or less effectively is not down to a single dramatic event, but the proliferation of countless smaller occurrences, happening for all sorts of reasons, but repeated time and time again, because nobody attributes any real importance to them, or are simply unaware that they are even happening.

In our two part whitepaper series we explore these and other challenges that Businesses need to overcome in order to meet their goals and objectives, and how all SAP customers can use readily available functionality within SAP Solution Manager to kick-start their improvement activities. To obtain your free access to this whitepaper please click HERE.

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