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Empower Your IT Landscape:

Transform Your IT Strategy with SAP LeanIX


Recently acquired by SAP in November 2023, SAP LeanIX (formerly LeanIX) is a cloud solution for enterprise architecture management, a platform designed to help organisations visualise and analyse their IT landscape to make informed decisions about their technology stack. SAP LeanIX offers tools for tracking IT components and their relationships, managing risks, and planning digital transformations. Together with SAP Signavio and SAP Cloud ALM, SAP LeanIX is positioned by SAP as an essential tool for S/4HANA transformations. By providing insights into how IT architectures support business capabilities and business processes, LeanIX enables companies to optimise their IT investments, ensure compliance with regulations, and accelerate their transition to new technologies. 


SAP LeanIX Enterprise Architecture Management


Align strategic business needs and capabilities with IT infrastructure.

SAPLeanix 2
SAP LeanIX Transformation Roadmaps


Build a transformation roadmap and identify dependencies across all IT components of the future landscape.

SAPLeanix 3
SAP LeanIX & SAP Signavio


Visualise the relationship between IT applications and processes and establish closer ties between IT and Business stakeholders.

LeanIX_Sig integration


  • Instant visibility of the current IT landscape.
  • Align strategic business capabilities with IT infrastructure.
  • Map business capabilities to value drivers to support and accelerate strategic decision making.
  • Manage technology risks by identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks in IT systems and processes. 
  • Facilitate project planning with highly configurable landscape reports (grouped by business capabilities, processes, interfaces, IT components etc).
  • Use interface maps and data flow diagrams to identify gaps between 'as-is' and 'to-be' architecture.
  • Integrations and synergies with SAP Signavio allow stakeholders to understand their IT landscape from both an application and business process perspective.


  • Facilitate the continuous updating of maps of the IT landscape during the solution build and test phase.
  • Visualise impact of architectural changes over time using timeline sequencing and scenario planning.
  • Approved and finalised architectural changes can be confirmed and captured instantly in architectural documentation.
  • Facilitate the communication of IT landscape changes to the wider community.
  • Continuously monitor the technical and functional fit using application landscape reports.
  • Facilitate ongoing improvement identification and deployment.


LeanIX supports a number of use cases for your enterprise architecture transformation, ensuring that your IT landscape effectively supports your organisations business capabilities and processes:

  • ERP Transformation Projects
  • Application Portfolio Management
  • Business Capability Mapping
  • Architecture and Road Map Planning
  • Technology Risk and Compliance
  • Meta Modelling

ERP Transformation Projects

SAPLeanix 7

SAP LeanIX streamlines ERP transformations such as S/4HANA by providing tools for collaboration, planning, and architecture visualisation, delivering significant benefits:

  • Informed Decision-Making: Conducts an as-is assessment to understand the current landscape and impact of ERP transformations, enabling data-driven decisions and a strong foundation for the journey.
  • Clear Target Architecture: Defines and documents the desired changes, timelines, and affected architecture components, ensuring clarity and direction.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Serves as a central platform for collaboration, allowing stakeholders to engage, update, and contribute to the transformation roadmap effectively.
  • Data-Driven Support: Offers real-time data and visualisations within SAP LeanIX, facilitating tracking of transformation progress and adjustments, and providing stakeholders with current information and insights.
  • Ongoing Transformation Monitoring: Continues to offer visibility and insights into the application portfolio, supporting effective monitoring and execution of changes throughout and beyond the ERP transformation.

Application Portfolio Management

SAPLeanix 4

Application Portfolio Management is the practice of overseeing and optimising a company's suite of software applications to align with its business strategies and maximise efficiency. With SAP LeanIX, gain insight into your application landscape, including the interconnected IT components and the business capabilities they support. Here are the steps to enhance your understanding and optimise your technology infrastructure:

  • Map Data Flows and Dependencies: Understand the interactions between applications through their provided and consumed interfaces.
  • Conduct an Application Portfolio Assessment: Examine the key dependencies, and the technical and functional fit of your applications, assessing how well they support your business capabilities.
  • Identify Modernisation Opportunities: Spot potential areas for rationalisation and modernisation within your landscape to propel the organisation’s digital transformation.

Business Capability Mapping

SAPLeanix 5

Business capabilities are essential tools that align what a business must do to execute its defined strategy effectively. They serve as a bridge between strategy and execution by organising activities and resources strategically. 

  • Link Strategy to Execution: Aligns key performance indicators and funding with strategic pillars, ensuring activities support overarching goals.
  • Competitive Advantage: Focuses on core capabilities, allowing standardisation of supporting activities and outsourcing of non-critical functions.
  • Comprehensive Understanding: Provides a 360-degree view of the enterprise, enhancing insights into business motivations, capabilities, processes, data, and resources.
  • Common Language: Establishes a clear, actionable framework for business and IT, facilitating communication across the organisation without technical jargon.
  • Efficient Solutions: Leads to more accurate architectural definitions that drive effective and efficient technology solutions.
  • Cost Efficiency: Promotes the reuse of IT assets, reducing unnecessary expenditures on software and hardware and speeding up time to market.
  • Organisational Cohesion: Helps break down silos within IT and business, fostering a capability-centric organisation design that accelerates project delivery.

Architecture and Road Map Planning

SAPLeanix 6

Define the future state of your enterprise architecture, assess the effects of your transformations, and develop actionable technology roadmaps to confidently guide your business transformation.

  • Visualise Future Architecture: Model and report on the target state of your enterprise architecture to secure stakeholder buy-in before starting.
  • Enhance Transformation Planning: Use predefined and configurable transformations to understand their impact on your current state and outline the necessary roadmap for implementation.
  • Document and Execute Transformations: Track and record your progress during the transformation process, keeping your current state information updated and primed for subsequent changes.

Technology Risk and Compliance

SAPLeanix 8

Manage technology risks by pinpointing, evaluating, and addressing risks in IT systems and processes. Safeguard critical assets, maintain business continuity, and adhere to regulatory and standard requirements.

  • Integrate with CMDB: Identify IT components by connecting with your Configuration Management Database (CMDB), using out-of-the-box integration like ServiceNow.
  • Information: Keep lifecycle data for your IT components current.
  • Address Obsolescence Risk: Proactively manage risks related to technology obsolescence and set technology standards.

Meta Modelling

LeanIX meta model 2

The SAP LeanIX Meta Model allows organisations to realise value by rapidly transforming enterprise architecture data into actionable insights. This facilitates swift, informed decision-making and leading to accelerated end-to-end business transformations.

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Provides an overarching view and encompasses all layers of Enterprise Architecture.
  • Structured Dimensions: Organises data within four crucial dimensions:
    • Strategy & Transformation
    • Business Architecture
    • Application & Data Architecture
    • Technical Architecture
  • Pre-defined Meta Model: Allows organisations to swiftly extract value by converting data into insights, these insights into actionable steps, and these actions into quantifiable outcomes. 



Launch your EA transformation journey with our Rapid LeanIX Consulting Service

In a nutshell

Our LeanIX consultancy service will provide an in-depth exploration of how LeanIX can help your organisation maximise ROI for digital transformations and S/4HANA migrations.

Rapid ERP work closely with your stakeholders, project management, and technical teams to agree on a comprehensive plan outlining the scope and approach to an EA project, including timescales and estimated effort per party for each significant activity. 

  • Consulting services for enterprise architecture management
  • Expert advice on the LeanIX portfolio of products, capabilities, use cases and integrations with other transformation tools such as SAP Signavio and SAP Cloud ALM
  • Articulate benefits for CIO’s, Enterprise Architects and Transformation Leads
  • Guidance on roadmap for scalable rollout and adoption
  • Business value assessments and realisation potential
  • Product demonstrations and workshops
  • Understand how LeanIX helps to maximise ROI for digital transformations and SAP S/4HANA migrations
  • Understand how IT landscape transparency with LeanIX increases efficiency, agility and governance
  • Understand how LeanIX can help align Business and IT with strategic objectives
  • Understand the synergies with other business transformation tools
  • Understand the best approach for rollout, adoption and continuous improvement

How we do work?

At Rapid X, we believe that the foundation of our success lies not just in the solutions we deliver but in how we deliver them. Our approach is built around three core principles: Adaptive Agile Methodology, Value-Driven Delivery, and Empowered Partnerships for Success. This trifecta ensures that we're not just service providers but strategic partners dedicated to achieving your goals.

We understand that in today's fast-paced world, flexibility and adaptability are key to overcoming challenges and seizing opportunities. That's why we've embraced an approach that combines the best of Agile methodologies with a steadfast commitment to delivering tangible value and fostering strong, collaborative relationships with our clients.

Our adaptive Agile practices allow us to swiftly respond to changes and deliver value at every step of the project, ensuring timely and effective solutions tailored to your unique needs.
Value first
At the heart of our work is a commitment to delivering maximum value from day one. We focus on understanding your core business objectives and challenges to prioritise tasks that offer the highest return on investment.
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Beyond just implementing solutions, we believe in building empowered partnerships with our clients. This customer-centric approach ensures open communication, transparency, and a deep understanding of your unique business environment.