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What is Jira Opsgenie?

Businesses IT infrastructure is getting more and more complex, they consist of a massive amount of hardware, and software services. Obviously, with critical business functions comes system monitoring functionality, the aim being you’re notified about things that are important to you and your business (i.e a system is down), but these systems usually produce an overwhelming number of email notifications and often lack the context needed to resolve issues quickly.

Critical business alerts are often missed, sent to the incorrect team, or ignored! Atlassian Opsgenie is an on-call and alert management solution, Opsgenie centralizes incident responses, ensures critical incidents are never missed and that actions are taken by the right people. Opsgenie receives alerts from your monitoring systems/ITSM solution (or can be manually raised), then categorizes each alert based on what’s important to you. One of Opsgenies great features is the on-call schedule, this allows you to setup on call teams, meaning you control who gets notified and in what order (i.e. if someone doesn’t acknowledge an alert in an hour, it’s then raised with the next person in the schedule). The alerting options you have are –

  • Voice Call
  • SMS
  • Email
  • App Notifications

Opsgenie can interpret the monitoring data into more meaningful information, files and links to reference documentation can be added automatically. On top of that, automation rules can be set up to trigger email notifications to key stakeholders, create a ticket in Jira ITSM etc.

Opsgenies sits nicely in the Jira toolset, updating chat logging and Jira ITSM tickets when notes are added/actions are taken in any system. Opsgenie synchronizes the information in all systems, keeping everyone up to date, you can also easily create issues for follow-on actions. Opsgenie tracks everything so your team can learn from every incident, and easily report and analyze each incident with built-in post-incident reporting and post-mortem templates.

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