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What is Jira Confluence?

Confluence provides one place to create, evolve and share all of your team’s work. Unlike standard documentation, Confluence pages are flexible containers for information. You can think of a Confluence page as a living, breathing workspace, teams can fill a page with text and content like images, files, and links. You can expand Confluence useage by adding extra functionality or dynamic content, like reports or live feeds. Let’s take a look at some of the key features:

Create documents as a team, provide feedback in context and
quickly iterate until your work is

Confluence gives you the power to create anything and everything, form
meeting notes, project plans, product
requirements and more

Confluence gives teams a central a place to keep their work organised
and accessible

Automatic linking between Jira issues and software documentation in
Confluence enable project transparency

Why not just use Sharepoint?

Confluence is an intranet or a central hub, to engage and inform team members. Your teams can also use Confluence to capture, distribute and update technical documentation, or as a knowledge base. Companies rely on Confluence for proactive collaboration and communication beyond filesharing, you can use Confluence for one or many of these use cases.

Confluence pages are open and interconnected, instead of content being trapped in emails, folders, or drives. Confluence spaces keep pages organized in meaningful categories, providing visibility. Create a space for every team, department, or project, and use child pages or subpages in each space to form a hierarchy of information. Integrations and automatic linking make it easy to move/connect information between Jira and Confluence, your teams can display Jira issues on Confluence pages for complete transparency, and add context to Jira projects with comments, reports, and more. If you’re already using Jira Software or Jira Service Management, Confluence is the logical place to store your documentation relating to those tools.

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