Identity Management – Service Overview

Identity Management – Service Overview2018-10-09T12:03:11+00:00

Identity Management

For companies looking to maximise efficiency of their SAP Identity management data. In a complex, multi-system, multi-architecture landscape, user administration can be an onerous  activity.  With SAP Identity Management (IdM) data is stored centrally providing a single source of user information.  IdM offers employee self-service, auditability and, through integration with GRC, end-to-end compliance.

Business Challenges 

  • Increasing effort required to fulfil identity lifecycles –
  • Increasing lead – time to supply new starters with system accounts, amend authorisations for movers and remove access from leavers
  • Legal requirements for governance and compliance, auditable logging

Our Services

SAP Identity Management (IdM) has a number of components:

  • IdM database
  • Identity Manager Development Studio
  • Identity Management Administration User Interface
  • The Identity Management Virtual Directory Server

Benefits of Identity Management 

  • Controlled administration across the enterprise lowering TCO

  • Improved security

  • Legal compliance

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