HANA Readiness – Service Overview

HANA Readiness – Service Overview2018-10-09T12:05:35+00:00
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HANA Readiness

Ensure your core SAP business application is ready for the upgrade to SAP HANA. Understand the impact to existing processes and code; the true test scope and the likely duration of the upgrade project before embarking on the upgrade itself.

Business Challenges

  • Unsure how to upgrade and benefit from SAP HANA
  • Testing based on a ‘gut-feel’ rather than a scientific and proven method
  • High anticipated code remediation activities to benefit from HANA
  • Significant costs of HANA infrastructure due to a large Database Volume

Our Services 

Pre-packaged Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS) on a range of topics:

  • Migration to SAP HANA Roadmap
  • Scope and Effort Analyser
  • Data Volume Management
  • Custom Code Lifecycle Management

Benefits of HANA Readiness

  • Realise true functional benefits from the investment in HANA

  • Reduced project timelines, faster time to value

  • Targeted regression Test Scope leading to a reduction in the required Business Involvement

  • Reduced costs for the upgrade

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