Focused Run – Service Overview

Focused Run – Service Overview2021-07-26T15:36:12+00:00
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Focused Run

Focused Run uses the full power of SAP HANA, combined with the mature features of SAP Solution Manager to enable thousands of high-volume SAP systems to be monitored from a central, scalable and automated environment. Ideally suited to large SAP customers that are responsible for monitoring, maintenance and upkeep of multiple systems, that could otherwise not be monitored from a single, centralised application.

Focused Run is a spin-off of SAP Solution Manager, a new instance, specifically geared towards the monitoring of high volume, multiple SAP estates comprising of thousands of systems, users and interfaces. It does not replace SAP Solution Manager 7.2, nor the functionality contained, it complements the traditional system and ALM functionality with a specialised Application Operations function based on the SAP HANA platform.

Business Challenges:

  • Existing SAP monitoring toolsets cannot scale to monitor the entire SAP landscape due to extremely high volumes of data.
  • System support is reactive rather than proactive
  • Existing SAP monitoring tools may incur large license costs

Our Services:

  • Focused Run Implementation and Setup Service (fixed price)

Business Benefits of using Focused Run:

  • Support for extreme monitoring use cases – Monitor the entire SAP landscape, especially extreme use cases, with no limitations on the number of instances or volume of data/metrics (increases standard monitoring capabilities by a factor 10 and overall data throughout by a factor of 40)

  •  A separate, specialised instance – Ability to split the Application Operation function from the core SAP Solution Manager system (e.g. BPMN, ITSM, ChaRM, etc) to suit Basis support team requirements

  •  Full technology support – Supports On Premise, Cloud and Hybrid solutions

  •  Mature functionality – All the core Application Operation functionalities of SAP Solution Manager are available: Automated monitoring and notifications, Root Cause Analysis, End User Experience Monitoring, Interface Monitoring, etc

  •  Based on HANA – Using the power of HANA, Focused Run has been built from the ground up to benefit from fast in-memory computing, allowing real-time, predictive analysis of monitoring data to identify problematic scenarios before they occur

  •  New User Interface – SAPUI5 User Interface to remove complexity and present data in easily understandable Dashboards and reports

  •  Simplified Architecture – No need for a J2EE stack and vastly simplified communications model (no RFCs)

In summary, if your existing SAP monitoring solution cannot cope with the monitoring you require, if you need to have instant access to real-time metrics across 1000’s of monitoring objects, then Focused Run for SAP Solution Manager could just be the answer you’re looking for.

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