Focused Insights – Service Overview

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Focused Insights

With Focused Insights, SAP have created a means to deliver a clear, concise and personalised view of the data held within SAP Solution Manager without the need for programming or lengthy development cycles. From the CIO to the Technical Experts, Focused Insights removes the inherent complexity of the data, making the information easy to understand and empowering users to make informed business decisions.

Tailored to specific roles, the easily customisable Dashboards allow users to act upon data and ensure the IT organisation is delivering against its targets. The data is presented in different forms, from the highly aggregated and historical data through to real-time and raw data depending on how it needs to be consumed:

  • Strategic View: for Executives & CIOs. Is the organisation meeting its objectives? A presentation of High level metrics and KPIs, for example an IT scorecard; with thresholds used to generate easy to digest colour ratings.
  • Governance View: for Managers. Is the organisation meeting its Service Levels? A mix of real time values, trends and summary alerts. Generally summarised over longer periods such as hours, days or weeks.
  • Operations View: for Experts. Are there trends in the data that indicate potential issues and a need for proactive measures? This is a real-time, detailed view of data, performance measures and status values.

Whatever level of granularity you select, you can always drill down to the detail, but as you can see, this capability isn’t just for ‘nerds’! The information provides real, consumable information for management or non-technical users, in addition to more specialised dashboards for the IT experts. Dashboards can be built from scratch or based upon SAP’s predefined best practice catalogues of KPIs as a starting point.

Business Challenges:

  • Too much data, presented in a detailed manner, masks the true value of SAP Solution Manager from all users
  • Unable to make informed business decisions on the status of the IT Service e.g. conformance with SLAs
  • Slow to identify problematic scenarios
  • IT Organisation needs to align with Corporate objectives

Our Services:

  • Focused Insights Implementation and Setup Service (fixed price)

Business Benefits of using Focused Insights:

  • Align IT and Organisational Strategies – Enable top-level, strategic, KPI-driven management of the SAP solution for both IT and Business

  •  Pre-configured – Monitor 800+ best-practice KPIs, pre-selected for standard use cases including: System Availability, System Performance, Hardware Capacity, Quality of Service, Quality of Custom Code, Number of Changes, Number of Incidents

  •  Accessible – Pre-packaged content with simplified configuration models, easily adjusted without programming

  •  Visible – Dashboards and Scorecards can be published within your organisation and managed via roles and authorisations

  •  Understandable – Cater for all usage types: Operations, Governance and Strategic through differing levels of data aggregation and simplification

  •  Mobile – Supports any type of display, mobile, computer or Operation Control Centre projection – all with real time, automatic updates

In summary, if you want to make the data held in SAP Solution Manager more accessible, empower all levels of users to understand and take action upon the presented real time alerts and metrics, then Focused Build for SAP Solution Manager offers a quick and easy solution without the traditional programming overhead.

Simple. Transparent. Personalised – Focused Insights for SAP Solution Manager.

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