Focused Build – Simplify your SAP Digital Transformation projects

With Focused Build, SAP have delivered a seamless tool-based Requirements-to-Deploy process within SAP Solution Manager. This includes the capture of business demands, requirements management, integrated risk management, and clear-cut collaboration features that allow you to orchestrate business and IT units as well as global development teams remotely. See for yourself how Focused build is the optimum way to manage and deliver SAP Digital Transformation projects, such as S4/HANA, below.

Focused Build is one example from the new suite of ‘turnkey’ solutions based on SAP Solution Manager collectively known as Focused Solutions. They are ready-to-run, highly integrated, pre-configured, and automated; providing SAP customers premium functionality at a low-cost.

To find out more, take a look at the full set of Focused Solutions services we offer here.

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