Focused Build – Service Overview

Focused Build – Service Overview2021-07-26T15:32:43+00:00
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Focused Build

With Focused Build, SAP have delivered a seamless tool-based Requirements-to-Deploy process within SAP Solution Manager. The solution includes the capture of business demands and requirements management, integrated risk management, and clear-cut collaboration features that allow you to orchestrate business and IT units as well as global development teams remotely.

Focused Build is set to become the standard implementation method for SAP S/4HANA projects.

Business Challenges:

  • Current Project Management methodology and tools not suited to Digital Transformation and Agile Delivery projects
  • Difficulty in tracking actual progress of project deliverables without hounding the delivery teams
  • Decentralised project management, tracking, documentation and delivery tools
  • Limited time before the project gets underway to develop a and mature a better way of project delivery

Our Services:

  • Focused Build Implementation and Setup Service (fixed price)
  • Agile Methodology and Tool Coaching

Business Benefits of using Focused Build:

  • Orchestrate the entire project management process. Covering Requirements to Build, Test, Deploy, Go-Live and Run in an integrated methodology and toolset. Focused Build is all you need to manage every aspect of project delivery

  • No more spreadsheets! Create a single source of truth for the delivery of your Digital Business transformation project
  • Total Transparency. Get real-time updates of project progress and solution readiness without overloading the PMO team with tiresome chasing and manual work via easily consumable dashboards
  • Full Accountability. Trace Project Requirements through to delivery, with early identification of scope changes and missed due dates
  • Greater Efficiency. Automated process for project activities to save time. Mass processing of approvals and status changes
  • Easy Traceability. Trace Requirements through to Work Packages, Testing and Transports
  • Agile Project Delivery. Support Agile Build with constant Business feedback via Waves and Sprints
  • Intuitive. New, specifically developed, easy to use interfaces to enable all project team members to work efficiently

In summary, if you are about to undertake a SAP Digital Transformation project and in the need of a single toolset to manage the entire process, then Focused Build for SAP Solution Manager is exactly what you need.

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