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The Market Guide 2021 by Gartner reveals that recent trends in process mining use cases have seen a decrease over the last 2 years in business process improvement initiatives (for improvement sake), with a shift towards optimising processes in preparation for digital transformation. Process automation continues to grow at a steady pace, while there’s a slight reduction in auditing & compliance focused initiatives.

Let’s explore some of the most prominent uses cases expected in 2022 in more detail:


Internal Audit

Process mining with Celonis provides non-biased holistic scrutiny of a company’s processes, to detect exceptions and violations to minimise business risk, and help make processes more robust and streamlined to help speed up approval timelines. It can take the drudgery out of data gathering, whilst providing a host of important benefits, such as:

  • Reduction of compliance costs – Uncover hidden process inefficiencies, bottlenecks and rework activities that increase compliance costs.
  • Facilitating a more efficient auditing process – The pre-built analyses allow for a more efficient gathering and reporting of findings.
  • Get to the transactional data quicker – Gain instant access to and visibility of historical and real-time data.
  • Higher level of quality and accuracy – Full transparency of end-to-end processes ensures that no non-compliant ‘stone’ is left unturned.

Digital Transformation

Putting the case forward for digital transformation amid the upfront expense and disruption is challenging at the best of times. But today, Economic, political and market turbulence, supply chain crises and inflation are pressing businesses to look internally at ways to mitigate the threats from these external adverse forces, to increase revenue, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. The surge of new digital technologies in recent years has opened up a world of opportunities, but as always, the question is knowing how and to what extent they should be deployed. The success of digitisation, or in other words, the business value that is realised by digital transformation, will largely depend on how efficiently business processes are executed. If you competitors are doings things faster and more accurately than you, you have a problem.

Process mining with Celonis provides the perfect platform for identifying improvement opportunities in how processes are run, by unveiling inefficiencies, bottlenecks and non-compliant operations that are costing many unwitting companies huge sums of money. Celonis provides data driven insights, targets those process gaps which are causing the most harm financially and helps prioritise improvement initiatives that will return the greatest ROI, such as process automation. Revealing and analysing at a granular level what is really taking place in a company’s day-to-day operations, empowers stakeholders with the confidence to make informed decisions on factual, objective data to drive improvements. This is the cornerstone to a successful digital transformation.

Benefits include:

  • Process visibility – See what’s really going on, not what you think is going on. Celonis starts by reconstructing a transparent view of the entire end-to-end process from transactional system data (event logs), revealing it in all its guises and variations. Over 500+ pre-built analyses can then be quickly installed to deliver immediate insights for key processes and use cases and how processes contribute to business outcomes.
  • Standardisation of processes and workflows – By modelling your process happy path or desired end-state, you can begin to determine the number of process deviations and non-compliant variations that can be eliminated to help you achieve process standardisation.
  • Predictive analysis and scenario testing – With Celonis you can create ‘digital twin’ scenarios of your processes, which allows you evaluate the business impact of modifying processes and their execution as well as make predictive forecasts that help drive better informed decisions.
  • Business value calculators – There is a selection of business value calculator and assessment tools available to gauge return on investment and cost saving potential, by deploying initiatives such as RPA and other automation.
  • Target driven KPI management reporting – To ensure that performance levels are kept in check and the benefits are realised long after digital transformation has taken place.

Intelligent Automation

The Celonis EMS offers in-built actions and automations as well as integration with 3rdparty automation technologies like RPA, iPaaS, and iBPMS. Combined with Process & Task Mining, Machine Learning, and Simulation, this enables truly ‘intelligent’ automation. Discover automation potential, and employ it where appropriate, to realise value.

UiPath RPA and Action Flows:

UiPath is a leading Robotic Process Automation (RPA) system. The Celonis EMS comes with free pre-built triggers and monitors for UiPath bots. Software robots (bots) interact with systems and applications to automate users’ day-to-day tasks, such as copying and pasting data, making calculations, and moving files.

By combining RPA with Action Flows in the Celonis EMS, you can:

  • Leverage your existing bots and take targeted action by intelligently triggering them based on insights from the EMS.
  • Automate your entire landscape by combining API-led automation and UI-led automation in one Action Flow.

Key benefits of using Process Mining, the EMS, and RPA in tandem:

  • Use the Celonis EMS (Process mining, planning & simulation, visual & daily management) to identify where automation/RPA can be implemented to drive business outcomes.
  • The Celonis EMS can trigger and pass process metadata from Process Mining to automation/RPA tools. This enables truly ‘intelligent’ automation, not possible with standalone automation/RPA platforms.
  • The Celonis EMS offers in-built automation, however, it also integrates with 3rd-party automation technologies (RPA, iPaaS, iBPMS). This means you can choose the automation tool that is the right fit for the job.
  • Process & Task Mining can be leveraged to continuously assess the effectiveness of RPA bots on the process.

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