CoE Strategy – Service Overview

CoE Strategy – Service Overview2018-10-09T12:16:12+00:00

CoE Strategy

For companies looking to set up, improve or transform a Centre of Excellence. This service provides consultancy on best practice, and how to realise or accelerate the benefits available by adoption of these practices.

Business Challenges

  • The need to provide the best team, practices , facilities and processes to manage a complex SAP / IT landscape
  • Managing the cost of SAP / IT ownership, and providing return on investment
  • Mitigating Risk, maintaining Quality whilst turning Business requirements into solutions
  • Awareness of Industry best practice and how it can benefit the company

Our Services 

The COE Strategy will deliver the following :

  • An overview of COE objectives and current status or plans underway
  • A GAP analysis of existing / plans and Objectives v Best Practice
  • A Strategy outlining Benefits and ROM cost with a suggested timeline for achievement
  • Identify Quick wins which can be achieved with minimal investment

Business Benefits 

  • Providing a status of where the company is v objectives of the COE

  • Identification of best practice with business benefits and a strategy with proposed timeline to achieve them

  • Providing an accelerated route with quick wins to realise benefits early

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