Change Control Management (Including ChaRM) – Service Overview

Change Control Management (Including ChaRM) – Service Overview2018-10-09T11:40:57+00:00
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Change Control Management (Including ChaRM)

Comprehensive, integrated, SAP change management solutions, providing the flexibility and agility to deliver change at the pace demanded by the business, while still maintaining control, transparency, and audit compliance.

Business Challenges

  • Lacking visibility of change across SAP landscape
  • No firm schedule and target dates for change delivery
  • Manual (e-mail based) approval processes crossing organisational boundaries and geographies
  • Difficulty meeting stringent audit requirements

Our Services:

  • Change Request Management (ChaRM)
  • Quality Gate Management (QGM)
  • Dual Track Landscape Strategy
  • Cross System Object Locking (CSOL) and Downgrade Protection (DGP)

Business Benefits of using ChaRM

  • No additional license costs

  • Less time spent on manual administration

  • Better visibility of status and timescales for changes

  • Improved reporting

  • Easier to maintain audit compliance

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