Rapid ERP are delighted to be working closely with Celonis. Not only is Celonis the market leader in process mining technologies, but also the pioneer in going beyond process mining and showing organisations the way to achieving genuine and long-lasting business process optimisation.

Celonis services are an exciting and complimentary addition to our service portfolio, not only in reinforcing our already strong background in process improvement project methodology and delivery, but also by positioning us at the forefront of the process mining evolution. A new and innovative partner led consulting strategy, coupled with differentiated technologies and fast time-to-value, provides organisations with a low cost entry point to Celonis and allows them to implement at scale, and immediately begin to identify improvement opportunities and realise business benefits.

Low-cost entry point to Celonis (CRDS)

The Celonis Rapid Deployment Service (CRDS) is a project environment designed to enable Rapid ERP to deploy Celonis solutions at scale and support organisations on long term transformation initiatives. The client’s process data is held within this secure project environment, where both the client and Rapid ERP can work in tandem to identify and realise improvement opportunities. It is a very low-cost / low-risk entry point to the Celonis platform, with no hefty upfront financial commitment or compulsion to over deploy or rush adoption in order to satisfy ROI pressures.

Fast time-to-value

With our expert guidance, Celonis can realise business outcomes in a matter of weeks by leveraging on over 500 pre-built apps and 100 system connectors, no matter the departure point.

Differentiated technologies: The Celonis Execution Management System (EMS)

Celonis is more than just process mining. By bringing process mining, analytics, process simulation, machine learning and automation, the EMS acts as an intelligence layer to help enterprises, however mature they are in their process optimisation journey, to achieve tangible improvement breakthroughs and boost operational efficiency.

It works by:

  • Measuring existing execution capacity and identifying process gaps
  • Knowing which gaps cause the greatest impact and how to fix them
  • Acting to remove gaps in real-time to boost execution capacity

Why work with Rapid ERP?

Rapid ERP provide high quality, innovative SAP consulting services, cloud solutions and applications to customers in all business sectors and industry verticals. Our services and solutions are delivered in an agile fashion, with a focus on rapid time-to-value and complete client satisfaction. We will support you throughout every stage of your process improvement journey because we have:

  • A dedicated commitment to providing robust solutions and value to our customers
  • Developed a strong relationship forged with Celonis through the C4C+ partner program
  • A diverse customer and industry portfolio
  • An agile and flexible approach to project delivery
  • Expertise in delivering process improvement projects
  • Flexible and scalable deployment packages, licenses and support subscription options to suit your needs

What services do we offer?

With Rapid ERP, your process mining solution with Celonis is in good hands. We offer a wide range of fixed price services and license sales to meet all of your budgetary and time scale targets.

  • Celonis Rapid Deployment Service (CRDS):
    • Proof of Value deployment of one system/one process.
  • Celonis Rapid Expansion Service (CRES):
    • Expand across additional system(s) for same process
    • Expand additional apps for same process
    • Expand into new process (same as CRDS less base technical set up)
  • Enhancement applications in support of process mining:
    • Action Flows Service
    • Planning & Simulation Service
    • Visual & Daily Management Service
    • Task Mining Service
  • Full Celonis enterprise-wide license bundle options
  • Subscription based ongoing support service for peace of mind:
    • Ensures your Celonis solutions are in good working order
    • Full administration of the solutions is taken care of – so you don’t have to do anything
    • Ensures that you are regularly kept up-to-date with new enhancements and innovations

Find Out More

Contact us to find out how Celonis and its market-leading process mining capabilities can help you find and fix the inefficiencies hampering the performance of your core business processes.