Celonis – Problem Statement

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Current economic turbulence and geo-political uncertainty places an even greater onus on companies to become more resilient and to seek opportunities to reduce costs and increase margins and revenue. If your competitors are doings things faster, more efficiently and more accurately than you, then you have a problem.

The way business processes are executed has a direct impact on critical business outcomes. When processes run efficiently, goods get to customers on time, orders are processed faster, operational costs are kept low, and working capital gets freed up.

The problem is process complexity is at an all-time high and many organisations simply struggle to gain the visibility of how these processes run across their systems – inefficiencies creep in and grow unchecked, preventing organisations from executing at their maximum capacity.


Maximising your organisation’s execution capacity. What does this mean? And why should you care?

The Celonis (EMS) consists of a suite of instruments and applications designed to eliminate process gaps and maximize execution capacity – this is essentially the highest realistic level of performance that a company can achieve with its available time and resources. The execution capacity of most companies is simply much less than it should be and often not commensurate with the investment made in systems, processes and people.

Here are the main obstacles which impact an organisation’s ability to reach its full execution capacity potential:

  • Fragmented data landscape

  • Broken or inefficient processes

  • Lack of process visibility and adherence

  • Organisational silos

  • Low executive sponsorship

Process complexity is at an all-time high

and is overwhelming companies

“Real-time insights are elusive and

hamper the execution”

“Organisations are failing to optimise processes,

losing out on key opportunities”

“Organisations must leverage process improvement 

technology to boost productivity and performance”

Key Findings – Forester Report 2022

The process related obstacles can be further broken down to reveal challenges at an operational level:

  • Process Deviation – Non-conformant or maverick activities which can lead to audit failures and other penalties. Missing or incorrect sequential process steps can lead to adverse implications for other departments and unnecessary rework.
  • Automation – Low value manual tasks should be automated wherever possible to reduce manual intervention and errors, whilst freeing up employee time for more productive tasks.
  • Repetitive Activities – Besides automation, manual process steps which are subject to repeated changes or iterations are signature points of process inefficiency and reduced productivity.
  • Cycle Times – Longer cycle times than expected can lead to process delays, which in turn can have a negative impact for internal processes further down the line, and external customers alike.
  • Benchmarking – Identifying gaps and inefficiencies in process execution can be challenging enough, but understanding just how pervasive or frequent they are is an even more taxing and time-consuming endeavour. It is important to be able to compare like for like scenarios, organisational elements and dimensions to analyse the extent of a problem or gain insights as to why gaps exist in some situations and not others.

Process Maturity

Are you new to process mining and process improvement? Don’t worry. You’re not alone. The vast majority of companies reside within the first 2 stages of the process maturity journey chart. Their processes have been largely defined, standardised and documented, but they struggle to make that all important jump to stage 3, so that they can begin to optimise. This is because in the real world, how well and efficiently those processes are being executed is barely visible or monitored. You cannot improve what you cannot see.

Celonis provides an x-ray vision of all your key processes, their intricacies and variations, with insights presented within a highly consumable and intuitive framework of analytics and execution applications.

At whatever stage your organisation is on its process optimisation journey, Celonis process mining and the EMS can help you achieve tangible improvement breakthroughs and boost operational efficiency.

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