Celonis – Getting Started

Celonis – Getting Started2022-11-23T15:27:03+00:00

Customer Value Journey

The path to value can be broken down into 4 essential stages:

  • Identify: Estimate value potential based on Celonis industry benchmarks and value assessments and explore initial scope
    • Frame: Quantify, confirm & prioritise value opportunities based on raw data and close alignment with business. Conceptualise action plans
      • Realise: Realise improvements & savings by executing action on prioritised improvement opportunities and action plans
        • Sustain & Grow: Monitor progress and continue to drive improvement actions to ensure continuous value realisation. Expand to additional processes to generate value

        Process mining with Celonis follows a path to value methodology, which is the cornerstone to success to achieving successful and sustainable outcomes on your process optimisation journey.

        Rapid ERP will support you every step of the way

        The path to value

        A value plan allows you to align use cases for process mining with strategic and business objectives.

        Your Industry is covered

        Industry Wheels help you visualise the industry core processes and help determine which are relevant to the organisation’s strategic objectives.

        A world of improvement opportunities across all your processes

        Value tree(s) can then help you position improvement opportunities for the selected processes within the context of specific business objectives and their KPIs.

        Plan and target those opportunities which will make the biggest impact

        Prioritise improvement opportunities using a scorecard. An impact-effort matrix can help identify quick wins (high impact/low effort) and rule out those initiatives which simply return little value versus the time & effort investment needed.

        Quantify the business value to be gained from those opportunities

        Turn a use case into a strong business case, by utilising the selection of business value calculator and assessment tools available to gauge ROI and cost saving potential.

        Start small, think BIG

        The ‘mining’ does not have to involve hard work and toil. Kick-start your process improvement journey with over 500 pre-built standard process applications and 100 process connections. A wealth of industry standard KPIs means you can gain visibility and insights into your processes from the outset!

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