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Unlocking process excellence: optimise and transform your operations with Celonis


Think of Celonis as the James Webb telescope for businesses, revealing a universe of process inefficiencies that until now was undiscovered. The Celonis Execution Management System (EMS) is a cutting-edge technology platform that offers a comprehensive solution for businesses to optimise their operational processes. It utilises advanced analytics, process mining, and automation capabilities to provide real-time insights into complex business processes, enabling organisations to identify inefficiencies, bottlenecks, and opportunities for improvement. By visualising and analysing data from various sources, The Celonis EMS empowers companies to enhance process efficiency, reduce costs, and make informed decisions to drive operational excellence and achieve their business goals. These are key drivers for digital transformation and in the SAP centric space, for the transition to S/4HANA. 



The 3D future of process intelligence is now

OCPM new


Fast and accessible insights through transformative AI

Celonis copilot


Gain visibility of the problems with business processes that are harming your organisation, and act to resolve them. Examples include:

Repetition and rework:

  • High number of processing errors
  • Excessive manual intervention
  • Document duplication
  • Low workforce productivity & morale

Bottlenecks, long cycle times and delays:

  • Increased process costs
  • Poor customer satisfaction
  • Low net promoter score (NPS)


Deviation & non-compliance:

  • Audit failures
  • Segregation of duty (SoD) conflicts
  • Maverick activity

Subjective decision-making:

  • Lack of process understanding and visibility
  • Decisions based on perceptions not reality
  • Lack of benchmarking


Purchasing & Procurement:

  • Supply Reliability: OTIF Rate, Lead Time Adherence
  • Compliance & Sustainability: Maverick Buying, Approval Compliance, Fraud Detection
  • Cost Reduction: 3-Way Match, Touchless Orders, Automation

Accounts Payable:

  • Spend Management: Cash Discount Optimisation, Duplicate Payments, Price Stability
  • Working Capital Optimisation: Days Payable Outstanding (DPO), Payment Term Optimisation, Early Payments

Accounts Receivable:

  • Revenue Increase: Underpayments, Rebate Optimisation, Bad Debt
  • Working Capital Optimisation: Days Sales Outstanding (DSO), Late Billing, Late Payments, Cash Discount Optimisation, Payment Term Optimisation
  • Labour Productivity: Touchless Invoices

Sales & Order Management:

  • Customer Satisfaction: OTIF Rate, Complaints, Communication Effectiveness
  • Labour Productivity: Touchless Orders, Delivery Blocks, Credit Blocks, Price Changes
  • Revenue Increase: Order Rejections, Order Returns
  • Working Capital Optimisation: Unbilled Orders, Late Deliveries

Manufacturing & Supply Chain:

  • Production & Planning:  Order Fill Rate, Schedule Adherence, Scrap Rate, Cycle Times
  • Logistics: OTIF Rate, Route Optimisation
  • Warehouse Management: Transfer Order Cycle Times, Late Picking, Automation Rates
  • Inventory Management:  Days of Cover, Turnover Rate, Material Availability, Days Sales of Inventory


The Celonis platform provides essential capabilities to help organisations minimise project risk, reduce costs and realise business value throughout the entire project lifecycle and beyond.

Before Transformation:

  • Quantify the business case
  • Communicate the value of transformation
  • Understand 'as-is' processes and drive standardisation

During Transformation:

  • Simplify and drive process mapping of 'to-be' processes
  • Objective fit-gap analysis and simulation of change impact
  • Optimisation of testing scenarios
  • Monitoring of user adoption


After Transformation:

  • Continuous monitoring and improvement
  • Measurement and tracking of business performance

Celonis Value prop new



Celonis goes way beyond process mining to provide intelligent insights, enhanced by AI interrogation and 3D object-centric view of end-to-end processes that make up the fabric of how a business operates.

  • Process Discovery & Analysis
  • Object-Centric Process Mining
  • Business Miner
  • Transformation Hub
  • Process Co-Pilot
  • Process Simulation
  • Process Adherence Manager
  • Task & Process Automation
  • Workforce Productivity
  • Studio

Process Discovery & Analysis

The genetic code of Celonis:



Celonis process mining 2

The Celonis Process mining and analytics engine is a highly sophisticated event log and activity driven analysis tool that provides in depth insights into how transactional processes are executed. It allows analysis even to a case or document item level, revealing inefficiencies, bottlenecks, process deviations, cycle times and rework, all within a highly containerised and user-friendly platform. Celonis comes with a plethora of pre-built analysis apps and starter kits to help organisations hit the ground running with process mining and realise value quickly.



  • Understand the extent of process variations from the expected process ‘happy path’ and their frequency using the Variant Explorer.
  • Visualise the level of process compliance and quickly identify suspicious or fraudulent transactions and SoD conflicts using the Conformance Checker.
  • Analyse individual cases in depth by revealing all activities from event log data using the Case Explorer.
  • Compare organisational units and other dimensions to understand differences, if they are localised or enterprise-wide and why using Benchmarking.


  • Process Transparency: Celonis provides a clear, detailed visualisation of actual business processes. This transparency helps organisations understand how processes are being executed in reality, rather than how they are assumed to be.
  • Improved Efficiency and Productivity: By identifying bottlenecks, excessive repetition, rework, Celonis empowers organisations to identify opportunities to streamline their processes and automate. This leads to reduced processing times, less waste, and higher overall productivity.
  • Cost Reduction: By optimising processes, Celonis helps organisations identify opportunities to eliminate unnecessary or redundant steps to bring down operational costs.
  • Compliance and Risk Management: Celonis helps organisations ensure that processes comply with internal policies and external regulations. It can identify and alert about deviations from the approved process, reducing the risk of compliance issues.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: With its advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities, Celonis provides actionable insights based on real data, supporting more informed and effective decision-making.

Object-Centric Process Mining

A 360 degree view of your business operations



Celonis process sphere 3-2

Object centric process mining (OCPM) is the next generation in process intelligence and analytics. It is designed to enable a true 3-D, 360 degree view of business operations, a richer and more accurate view of the real world where processes can be analysed from the perspective of different objects in end to end scenario. With traditional process mining there is of course value in analysing objects within an end to end process, but analysis is confined to that process.With object-centric process mining however, objects can be viewed in different contexts and processes that they are involved in, meaning that root causes of issues can be spotted outside of the initial process that was analysed.



  • Analyse process flows from the perspective of different objects and their involvement in different processes.
  • Analytical components readily embedded into the views.
  • Colour codes process flows to easily visualise how different processes interact with each other.


  • Real world view of your business process based on objects and events to give full clarity across processes.
  • Simplified ‘London tube map’ view which provides a rich, comprehensive, yet simple representation of business operations.
  • Faster time to insights and root cause detection for more complex scenarios, particularly where the root cause stems from a different process to that where the issue was originally detected.

Business Miner

Collaboration and insight discussion platform of mined data for business minded people



Celonis buisness miner

The purpose of Business Miner is to facilitate the sharing of process insights and to encourage active participation of business users in discussing root causes and remediations. Business Miner is specially designed for people who have a deep understanding of their business processes and operations but maybe less familiar with or interested in the technical aspects of Celonis tooling. 




  • Instant insights supported by Q&A based explorations.
  • Automated optimisation and financial benefit potential.
  • Intelligent recommendations for process improvement.


  1. Fast and intuitive interrogation of KPIs.
  2. Actively collaborate on process insights with like-minded people.
  3. Ensure stakeholder alignment and understanding of discussion points and decisions.

Transformation Hub

Manage all your improvement opportunities in the one place



Celonis transformation hub 2

The Transformation Hub serves as the central point for quantifying the business impact of Celonis implementations. It aids users in visualising outcomes across various processes, objectives, and value stages, all from one easily accessible and centralised location. It allows you to track and report on your progress by monitoring value realisation over time and visualising the business impact. It also be default supports out of the box content for Celonis' core processes.



  • Create and categorise value opportunities by process and objective
  • Priority and status monitoring
  • Framed v realised value tracking within defined timeframes
  • Executive value reports



  • Single source of truth for value opportunity creation and management: Opportunities can be collaboratively managed in a single place for roadmap planning and progress tracking.

  • Centralised value tracking: Framed and realised value is aggregated across processes and data models in a single place. Snapshots of KPIs are logged so trends over time are retained.

  • Out of the box value tracking and reporting: Value tracking can be easily set up with no code using pre-built formula recommendations and existing KPIs. Value reports are available for a quick overview of program performance and for sharing with stakeholders.

  • Continuous Improvement: Encourages stakeholders to pursue opportunities beyond a transformation project to ensure value is sustainably realised.

Process Co-Pilot

Your trusty partner for accelerating value opportunities



celonis copilot 5

Process Copilot streamlines and expedites the identification of valuable opportunities throughout a business. It serves as your guide on the journey to process excellence. Customers can embark on their value realisation journey by posing questions to initially comprehend their process, then explore different ways and avenues to enhance performance, and finally take steps such as dispatching follow-up emails or signaling a frequent process deviation to another team. The Process Copilot initially provides some suggested questions based on intelligent insights from your data. You are then able to request further explanation of the rationale behind the suggested questions and begin to expand the line of questioning or ask more specific questions.




  • Natural Language Understanding: Process Copilot's NLP interface deduces user intent even when queries are imprecise, such as requesting data segments without specifying a filter.

  • Recommended Questions: At the start, Process Copilot offers three insights into key performance metrics. These insights are derived from KPI monitoring and suggest potential opportunities.

  • Integrated Platform Filters: Process Copilot is capable of interpreting and applying filters within the Process Explorer. 

  • Actions: Process Copilot enables users to download tables as CSV files, save charts as PNG images, or create emails summarising their findings to share with colleagues.


  • Improved Decision-Making: Provides data-driven insights and recommendations for better business decisions.

  • Boosted Productivity: Accelerated insights and recommendations allow business minded people to collaborate and take action sooner.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Natural language interaction makes it accessible and easy to use for all team members.

Process Simulation

Understand the business impact of process improvement changes



Celonis process simulation

Process Simulation is designed to allow organisations to measure the impact of potential process changes on business operations before they are implemented and potentially avoid costly mistakes or oversights. Simulation analysis also can be employed to test different scenarios and potential changes to rectify non-conformant process execution. Organisations can simulate how changes in processes might impact performance, resource utilisation, and other factors, helping stakeholders make informed decisions about which improvements should be implemented to maximise value.



  • Digital Twin extraction of actual process data which forms the baseline model for simulation.
  • Create multiple 'as-is' and 'to-be' scenarios and iterations.
  • Flexible input parameters to test simulation outcomes.
  • Create and distribute simulation and 'what-if' reports.


  • Quickly understand the potential change impact cycle times, processing costs and resource utilisation across teams.
  • Objective fit-gap analysis for SAP S/4HANA and other system transformation.
  • Generate test scenarios that reflect reality.

Process Adherence Manager

Create target process models and measure process deviation



celonis proc adhere man

The Process Adherence Manager examines business processes by contrasting actual process events with a predefined process model, utilising event data from the Process Intelligence Graph. It assesses if and how actual processes diverge from the expected flow, gauges the impact of each deviation on overall process performance, and identifies the root causes behind these deviations. The Process Adherence Manager operates by extracting a baseline (As-Is) model from data linked to the Celonis Platform and uses its integrated modeling features to transform it into a desired (To-Be) model.



  • Deviation Explorer: Explore and categorise non-conformance by missed events, out of sequence, occurred too often, or exclusive gateway violation.
  • Alignment Explorer: Explore different process variations associated with a particular deviation.
  • Map Legend: Easily identify and understand the notations and semantics of a process model, such as what the different shapes, lines, and icons stand for.
  • Charts & Tables: Create and add charts and tables to aggregate data via specific objects.


  • Understand process conformance and deviation from a base model created from actual data to target model perspective.
  • View these deviations in comparison to your process model to reveal their impact on performance, such as throughput time.
  • Drill down on the deviations to view the factors causing these deviations.
  • Move these insights as a filter into the knowledge model for reuse in other actionable insights.

Task & Process Automation

Action flows for fast, targeted executions and automations 



Celonis action flows 2

Celonis action flows are designed to automate and optimise business processes by leveraging data-driven insights to trigger specific actions. They serve multiple purposes, including automating routine tasks and workflows to reduce manual intervention, improving efficiency and reducing errors. Celonis action flows can trigger immediate actions based on predefined conditions or anomalies detected in the data, thus improving operational efficiency and ensuring smooth process execution. For example, low credit risk customers can have credit blocks removed automatically, while high risk customers trigger notifications to credit managers to assess. They also help ensure compliance with regulatory requirements by automatically addressing compliance issues and mitigating risks. Additionally, Celonis action flows enhance customer satisfaction by automating processes that impact customer interactions, ensuring timely and accurate responses.



  • Hundreds of pre-built automations and templates available across even more systems and applications.
  • Set up advanced action flows with routers and filters.
  • Integration with 3rd-party automation technologies like RPA, iPaaS, and iBPMS. 



  • Send and receive notifications immediately upon task execution.
  • Eliminate non-value added manual tasks and help reduce inefficiencies and reduce errors.
  • Trigger intelligent and meaningful actions to improve process efficiency, both to the benefit of the organisation internally and its communications and interactions with customers and vendors.

Workforce Productivity

Pinpoint what tasks users spend most time on and eliminate inefficiencies



Celonis workforce prod

The Workforce Productivity App compliments process mining by providing a user-centric and/or team based analysis of productivity, behaviour and interactions with both productive and non-productive systems such as SAP and Microsoft Office apps respectively, to identify inefficiencies and get an overall appreciation of how active time is spent across applications to understand levels of task execution that provide productive value. It can also be used to compliment action flows which can be set up and triggered directly from the workforce productivity app.



  • Productive system v non-productive system comparison and analysis.
  • Copy/paste behaviour insights.
  • Productive system transaction usage analysis.
  • Custom code usage.


  • Gain insights into cross application interaction which impact productivity and degrade the user experience.
  • Understand how a new software release or system upgrade can impact workforce performance.
  • Make comparisons between different teams.
  • Quickly identify redundant custom code.
  • Identify potential candidates for automation and areas requiring user training.


Intuitive platform for custom app building and content organisation 



Celonis studio 2

The Celonis Studio is a low code development platform which brings all capabilities in a centralised location to enable customers and partners to design and build powerful applications using process mining, analytics and automation to enhance daily operations. In the Studio, apps can be built leveraging on the multitude of out of the box actions and connectors, which can then be published and governed using dedicated workspaces and version control.



  • Analysis for ad-hoc analytics and process exploration.
  • Knowledge Models to encapsulate business logic for universal application.
  • Views for crafting persona-specific, app-like interfaces for everyday tasks.
  • Action Flows (& Skills) for generating tasks, alerts, and comprehensive automation flows.
  • Simulation tools for what-if scenario analysis.
  • Publishing with integrated Version Control.
  • Utilisation of workspaces to logically organise apps.
  • Studio SDK – a self-service platform enabling developers to extend existing Studio functionalities and support additional use cases.


  • Build custom analysis apps where standard content is not sufficient.
  • Manage all analysis content in one centralise space.
  • Perform adhoc analysis and testing before publishing to the wider community.


Launch your process optimisation journey with our Rapid Deployment Services (RDS)

We offer two distinct starter packs for fast-time-to-value deployments of Celonis process mining solutions to kick start your process optimisation journey. Not sure what to go for? Don't worry. Our digital transformation process mining/management solution assessment service will evaluate your requirements and provide you with the best fit to meet your business objectives.

icons8-compliance-100 BPO Assessment Service

Objective ‘fact-based’ assessment report of ‘best fit’ tools and roadmap for your organisation’s business process transformation, improvement and management needs.


icons8-strategy-100 CELONIS RDS (DISCOVER)

Lowest entry point to the Celonis Platform:

  • One-time flat file / manual data load
  • Tailored business value report
  • Report on initial insights 
  • Knowledge transfer & documentation
  • Recommended next steps for scaling & adoption 
  • 3 months project duration 
icons8-strategy-100 CELONIS RDS (EXECUTE)

Our recommended and most popular introduction to the Celonis platform:

  • Gain user access and initial insights within weeks
  • One time data extraction from SAP ECC using standard connector
  • Installation of ready-to-use starter kits for chosen process or use case
  • Tailored business value report
  • Report on initial insights
  • User training & proof of value workshop
  • Knowledge transfer & documentation
  • Recommended next steps for scaling & adoption
  • 6 months maximum project duration 



How we work...

At Rapid X, we believe that the foundation of our success lies not just in the solutions we deliver but in how we deliver them. Our approach is built around three core principles: Adaptive Agile Methodology, Value-Driven Delivery, and Empowered Partnerships for Success. This trifecta ensures that we're not just service providers but strategic partners dedicated to achieving your goals.

We understand that in today's fast-paced world, flexibility and adaptability are key to overcoming challenges and seizing opportunities. That's why we've embraced an approach that combines the best of Agile methodologies with a steadfast commitment to delivering tangible value and fostering strong, collaborative relationships with our clients.

Our adaptive Agile practices allow us to swiftly respond to changes and deliver value at every step of the project, ensuring timely and effective solutions tailored to your unique needs.
Value first
At the heart of our work is a commitment to delivering maximum value from day one. We focus on understanding your core business objectives and challenges to prioritise tasks that offer the highest return on investment.
Customer-Centric Collaboration
Beyond just implementing solutions, we believe in building empowered partnerships with our clients. This customer-centric approach ensures open communication, transparency, and a deep understanding of your unique business environment.