CA Introscope Enterprise Manager – Upgrade Needed!

As Solution Manager is ever evolving, the need to keep your CA Introscope Enterprise Manager aligned to the correct Solution Manager version is vital to your system’s health.

If your CA Introscope Enterprise Manager (aka Wily) version is 9.7 or lower, SAP has *STRONGLY* recommended that you plan to upgrade to Introscope 10.1 or 10.5 and apply the latest Management Modules. This is due to future Solution Manager patches having CA introscope dependencies.

What is the CA Introscope Enterprise Manager?

CA Introscope is integral to ensuring your Solution Manager’s System/Technical Monitoring functionality works as required. If your CA Introscope isn’t on the recommended version then this could cause issues in your monitoring solution.

For more information about CA Introscope Enterprise Manager 10.1, 10.5 and the latest Management Modules, please see SAP Note 2285189

For more details on how we can support you through this upgrade, including SAP Solution Manager upgrades, patching and testing please contact us or start a live chat with us now.

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