Business Process Modelling – Service Overview

Business Process Modelling – Service Overview2018-10-09T11:37:01+00:00
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Business Process Modelling

For companies looking to maximise the value of their existing SAP solution, we offer an SAP Solution Manager-based tool, together with integration with best of breed 3rd party tools, and well-defined methodology, to define, document and increase the insight and visibility of business processes in SAP centric environments.

Business Challenges 

  • Need to increase broader understanding of business processes
  • Need to visualise business processes in dynamic, graphical format
  • Desire to publish content to and end-user or business community

Our Services

  • This approach brings IT and business communities together, to bridge the gap in perception of how the solution is operated
  • Business Process Documentation, to aid understanding of how the solution is operated
  • Business Process Modelling tools, to increase the visibility and aid distribution of business process information

Benefits of Business Process Modelling 

  • Improve Working Capital – increase revenue, reduce liabilities and better manage inventory levels

  • Increase Efficiency – reduce costs  and eliminate process “waste”

  • Improve Planning – better supply chain results and fewer expenses

  • Ensure Process Compliance – for more straightforward audits

  • Common Understanding – between Business and IT, ensuring both parties can speak the same language

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