Atlassian Services

Atlassian Services2022-09-22T21:21:03+00:00

Rapid ERP are excited to be working closely with Atlassian.  The market-leading solutions provided via the Atlassian product suite are an exciting addition to our portfolio, and compliment our Agile implementation methodology with easily consumable, intuitive and effective tools.

If you’re considering how Agile delivery can work for you, we can show you how Atlassian products can:

  • Help you structure your project delivery methodology, adopting Agile principles and best practices
  • Provide you with the features and tools that you need to operate the way that you want in delivering your projects, either natively or via the extensive array of app extensions available across the Atlassian product suite
  • Support a culture of open, visible and transparent working through minimising cumbersome project update and reporting activities and streamlining working practices

Let’s take a look at the key toolsets within Atlassian, and how they can help you…