ALM Roadmap – Service Overview

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ALM Roadmap

For companies looking to maximise the investment of their SAP Solution. Many organisations are unaware of the value readily available to them via SAP Solution Manager. Rapid-ERP could help you realise this value by assessing and recommending how you could more  fully deploy and utilise the functionality in SAP Solution Manager, which SAP’s platform for Application Lifecycle Management (ALM).

Business Challenges 

  • Managing a complex SAP / IT landscape and the need for;  control and traceability, scalability and agility
  • Managing the cost of SAP / IT ownership, and providing return on investment
  • Mitigating Risk, maintaining Quality whilst turning Business requirements into solutions

Our Services 

The ALM Roadmap will deliver the following :

  • Key findings from the assessment
  • Identify Quick wins and strategic priorities
  • Provide a Value calculator to identify the return on investment
  • Propose our Recommended services based on the results of the assessment

Benefits of using ALM Roadmap

  • Realise Quick wins by identifying business benefits that could be realised with little investment

  • Deliver a clear long term ALM strategy

  • Identifying improvement potential in business processes, tools and practices

  • Facilitate future benefit exploitation via ALM services in SAP

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