Test Management – Service Overview

Test Management – Service Overview2018-10-09T11:43:41+00:00
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SAP Test Management

Testing is an important part of any SAP project, yet most companies rely upon unsuitable spreadsheets to track progress and manage test defects. They are often put off comprehensive application support due to high license costs. SAP Solution Manager offers a fully functioning Test Management suite, covering Test Planning, Results Recording, Management Reporting and Test Automation – all with no additional license costs.

Business Challenges

  • Knowing what to test (Impact Analysis)
  • Compressed testing timescales
  • Lack of business capacity to support the testing activity
  • Lack of reusable test plans and scripts

Our Services

Pre-packaged Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS) on a range of topics:

  • Manual Test Management
  • Component Based Test Automation
  • Scope and Effort Analyser

Benefits of using Test Automation

  • Reduced business effort required to test core processes

  • No additional license costs

  • Reusable Test Assets

  • Integrated Defect Management

  • Collaborative, centralised Test environment

  • Reduced Risk

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