SAP Solution Manager SP 10 (feature pack 2) is now out.

Click on each of the below for a brief summary of what’s new by functional area:

  • Improved documentation of process step variants
  • More flexible assignment of logical components on interface steps
  • Services tab function in solutions
  • Streamline the creation of composite test cases with Component Based Test Automation (CBTA). A ‘wizard’ approach now enables your Business Analysts to build component-based test scripts which are highly flexible and easy to maintain
  • Automated creation of semi-dynamic, Technical Bill of Materials (TBOMs). This has the potential to vastly reduce the effort required to create accurate and precise TBOMs which are used in the Change Impact Analysis functionality
  • Within Test Scope Optimisation, new graphical screens have been created to provide further visualisation of results
  • Service Provider and Service Catalog allows the requester to select from a list of available service products
  • Guided Procedures to help the user create and process Service Orders
  • Business Partner substitutions
  • New, central CTS infrastructure (cCTS). This now facilitates the reassignment of changes between projects even when that change already contains released transports
  • Quality Gate Management (QGM) based on Tasklist and central Change and Transport (cCTS) infrastructure
  • Harmonised infrastructure for ChaRM and QGM
  • New downgrade protection capabilities
  • Enhanced flexibility for charm processes
  • Change Diagnostic improvements
  • Retrofit support for SAP BW systems
  • Enhanced Integration with new info sources and tooling, for example the Usage and Procedure Logging (UPL) will further enhance the accuracy of the functionality without any impact on the performance of the source system.
  • Root Cause Analysis and Technical Monitoring for mobile and in-memory
  • Enhanced BI, PI and Interface Connection monitoring
  • Job Monitoring integrated into the unified alert inbox of system monitoring
  • Message Monitoring
  • Mass maintenance for monitoring and alerting configuration
  • Enhancements to Data Volume Management (DVM) now allow for automated proposals of relevant DVM activities to solve business critical solutions.
  • SMSY replaced by the Landscape Management Database
  • Extended business process analytics and dashboards
  • Job Control Centre added to Operations Control Centre
  • Improved Business Process Monitoring setup
  • New Alert Inbox using the monitoring and alerting infrastructure
  • Enhanced Guided Self Services
  • New management dashboards
  • Executive scorecard (provided to customers on a project basis)
  • Automated managed system configuration and monitoring setup
  • Support of mass changes

You’ll note there are some major improvements; the introduction of cCTS in the area of Change and Request Management (ChaRM) is particularly important, and when combined with the revised preliminary import functionality the flexibility of the tool is enhanced significantly. We’ll post some more information on this in the coming weeks.

Further information from SAP can be seen from the SAP Support Portal here (S-User required).

If you have any questions or require some advice, contact Rapid ERP to see how we can help.

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