Process Mining with Celonis


Introducing the Celonis Execution Management System (EMS) The Celonis EMS provides process mining, together with machine learning and automation capabilities, to transform raw data from an enterprise’s business processes to identify and realise process improvement opportunities. This data exists in the form of a process’s digital footprint: the main object key fields and their change records. Such a ground [...]

BPA Metrics on SAP Analytics Cloud via Focused Insights


In our previous Insights on the topics of Business Process Analytics & Improvement and Simplified Process Monitoring, we have covered in depth the attributes and functionality of the range of tooling available, but always within the context of SAP Solution Manager itself. Dashboard Builder and Focused Insights have recently provided IT and Business Process Experts with contemporary dashboarding alternatives, but [...]

Simplified Process Monitoring in SAP Solution Manager


Many of you will be familiar with and indeed utilising the Business Process Monitoring functionality in SAP Solution Manager 7.2 to identify and keep track of both IT and Business process exceptions. Although the early detection of issues in your company’s SAP operations is hugely beneficial, the day to day working with alerts, the alert inbox, and associated functions [...]

Make your S/4 transformation programme a success – Part 2, Realize Phase


The Realization Phase This is the second of three blogs on how SAP Focused Build can transform your approach to SAP programme delivery. The first blog covered easy requirements capture, the re-invention of documentation in Solution Manager, and project planning with an Agile twist. This blog continues the story to introduce how Focused Build is used to break work [...]

End-to-end process insights with BPA Process Progress KPIs


In a previous insight we introduced you to Business Process Analytics and Improvement (BPAI) in SAP Solution Manager 7.2, and focused on how the standard out-of-the-box KPIs and associated visualisation and dashboarding tools could aid your business in improving the execution of its OTC and P2P processes. A new type of KPI has now been launched with the recent [...]

Make your S/4 transformation programme a success – Part 1, Explore Phase


Make your S/4 transformation programme a success - Part 1, Explore Phase SAP sell software. They generate revenue from license fees. So when SAP start giving away a major set of tools to their customers,  it’s worth taking a closer look at what these tools offer. That set of tools is SAP’s Focused Build, a free add-on for Solution [...]

Order out of chaos: Capturing Requirements.


Various approaches have been tried to coordinate the business and IT functions with the aim of improving the capture and management of change requirements. For example, single points of contact 'Demand Managers' from within the IT function or so-called 'Hybrid Managers' with a mix of business knowledge and IT skills. With the release of Solution Manager 7.2, SAP [...]

Why document in Solution Manager? The reasons may surprise you


The traditional approach to documentation "Good Documentation is great. But when it's not, at least you're getting some." Every Service Manager, since forever. The above reaction illustrates the rather low bar that has sustained many a system support contract. In many people’s experience, handover documentation from project teams tends to be patchy. This is an expensive oversight, as the [...]

Do you really know how efficiently you are executing your core end-end business processes in SAP?


Business processes need to work efficiently in order to be effective. Disruptions in an end-to-end cycle such as OTC or P2P can happen anywhere, and so trying to keep tabs on them as and when they happen in SAP is a difficult and daunting task, particularly if you are heavily reliant on manual data extraction from reports, queries or [...]

What does GDPR mean for SAP Solution Manager?


It’s unlikely you’ve not heard of the phrase ‘GDPR’ given the amount of news time and ‘junk’ mail that the subject has attracted, but just in case, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is officially Europe’s strongest data protection rule that came into force as of the 25th of May 2018. It has totally overhauled the personal information laws that [...]