UK&I SUG Event Success!

On the 20th of June 2019, Rapid ERP along with the UKI SAP User Group, hosted a Solution Manager 7.2 event. Attended by around 30 delegates the session introduced the powerful Business Process analytical capabilities of SAP Solution Manager. Gary Still from Rapid ERP presented ‘The quest for Business Process efficiency in SAP – where and how to begin’. [...]

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UK&I SUG Event sponsored by Rapid ERP 20th June 2019 – Propel your journey to SAP Business Process Improvement and S/4HANA

Join us for the UK&I SAP User Group event on June 20th at Birmingham City Football Club. Hosted by Rapid ERP and the UK&I SUG, this event will introduce you to the powerful Business Process analytical capabilities of SAP Solution Manager; ideal for anyone committed to getting the most out of their existing SAP applications or recent transition to [...]

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New Whitepaper Series: The Quest for Business Process Efficiency in SAP

We are pleased to announce the publication of our latest whitepaper series: The Quest for Business Process Efficiency in SAP. One of the biggest challenges facing an organisation running SAP is how to maximize the return on their investment and get the best out of their existing solution. Efficiency and effectiveness in the execution of business processes are fundamental [...]

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CA Introscope Enterprise Manager – Upgrade Needed!

As Solution Manager is ever evolving, the need to keep your CA Introscope Enterprise Manager aligned to the correct Solution Manager version is vital to your system's health. If your CA Introscope Enterprise Manager (aka Wily) version is 9.7 or lower, SAP has *STRONGLY* recommended that you plan to upgrade to Introscope 10.1 or 10.5 and apply the latest [...]

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Solution Manager 7.2 SP08 – New & Enhanced Features

SP08 is out now! SAP are continuing to evolve SAP Solution Manager 7.2 with the latest support package stack SP08 being released in December 2018. This latest evolution brings several new and enhanced features across a broad spectrum of the Solution Manager functional scope including important topics such as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and support for the new [...]

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SAP Support connectivity changes ahead – Take Action Now

SAP have updated their Support Backbone - Customer action required!  What is the Support Backbone? You may not be aware, but the Support Backbone is critical to the continued smooth operation of your SAP estate. Working silently in the background, it facilitates the exchange of data between your systems and SAP, supporting the following key scenarios: Have you [...]

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Microsoft and SAP join forces

SAP and Microsoft recently announced integrated services to support enterprise customers in their cloud and digital transformation projects. These will provide orgainsations with a clear road map to confidently drive more business innovation in the cloud. In a show of commitment to one another, the two companies also announced they will be deploying each other’s cloud solutions internally. This, [...]

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Solution Manager 7.2 SP06 – New & Enhanced Features

SP06 is out now! With the ever-evolving maturity of SAP Solution Manager 7.2, the latest support package stack, SP06, although smaller in scale than its previous version. This brings new and enhanced features across a broad spectrum of the Solution Manager functional scope. SP06 is available right now to implement for your SAP Solution Manager system. This article takes a look [...]

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Simplified User Licensing for SAP Solution Manager in 2018!

A big change is coming to the way user licensing is handled in SAP Solution Manager. Starting in the new year, SAP have made it much easier for organisations to leverage the power of SAP Solution Manager across their entire user base. Previously, every user in Solution Manager also needed a user license somewhere else in the SAP estate. [...]

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Digital Transformation – Critical to your success?

SAP recently conducted a study, support by Oxford Economics, which revealed 84% of 3,000 executives surveyed said digital transformation is critical to their survival over the next five years - BUT only 3% had completed company-wide transformation efforts! The top 100 companies that have completed their transformation journey report big benefits: 85% say they’ve seen increased market share (versus 41% for the rest) 80% say their efforts [...]

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