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About Gavin Richardson

Gavin is an SAP certified consultant with 14 years of experience in a variety of disciplines and industries. Gavin is a renowned specialist in SAP Application Lifecycle Management, with vast experience of advising customers on the use of SAP Solution Manager, utilising the Run SAP methodology, to enhance their approach to SAP Application Lifecycle Management.

SAP Solution Manager 7.2 is ready!

As of the 15th August 2016, SAP Solution Manager 7.2 is available for all SAP customers to start their upgrade (or in some cases - their initial implementation!). Are you ready? Over the last few years, SAP Solution Manager has progressed from being SAP’s ‘Application Lifecycle Management’ (ALM) toolset to become the new ‘Digital Business Service Delivery Platform’, supporting: [...]

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Webinar Announcement: Practical Business Process Improvement for SAP

Rapid ERP and Signavio are pleased to announce their joint webinar: 'Practical Business Improvement for SAP - The simple route to greater value from your existing technology'. Consistently near the top of both business and IT priority lists are the topics, “Optimisation” and “Business Process Transformation”, and there are certainly no shortage of different tools and approaches in the market. So [...]

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Signavio Process Editor – free of charge for SAP Enterprise Support Customers!

Before: 3 Level Process Hierarchy Whilst SAP Solution Manager is a great tool for documenting the IT view of SAP business processes, and absolutely key for long term support and maintenance of the SAP solution, sharing this information with the business community to promote understanding is not without challenges. In order to engage with the business users and [...]

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Rapid ERP attending SAP Solution Manager 7.2 Partner Sessions

Rapid ERP will be in attendance at this year's SAP Solution Manager Partner Info Days event in Bensheim, Germany. This provides us with an ideal opportunity to understand and help shape the latest developments in SAP Application Lifecycle Management, directly with the SAP Product Owners. A key topic this year will be the up coming release of SAP Solution Manager [...]

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SAP Fiori Apps & SAP Screen Personas now available free of charge

SAP have announced that SAP Fiori User Experience (UX) applications and SAP Screen Personas are now to be included as part of the standard maintenance agreement for SAP software. In summary, these tools allow customers to enhance their SAP user experience, a common criticism of the SAP application, bringing the ‘look and feel’ in line with today’s modern consumer based [...]

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Reduce the costs of SAP Maintenance & Upgrades with SAP Solution Manager SP11

SAP Solution Manager SP11 has now arrived and with it SAP have delivered the new ‘Scope and Effort Analyser’. This is a significant new tool for those SAP organisations looking to reduce the costs and efforts associated with major Maintenance and/or Enhancement Package (EHP) upgrade projects. How does SAP Solution Manager and the Scope and Effort Analyser reduce costs? Simply put, [...]

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SAP Solution Manager Mobile Apps

We've just published out latest insight 'SAP Solution Manager goes mobile', which takes a look at the current set of Application Lifecycle Management mobile applications released by SAP. Covering the vast majority of popular Solution Manager functionality, including Change Approval, System Monitoring and Incident Management; these applications provide access to key ALM processes anywhere, any-time. Read more here...

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