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Reduce the costs of SAP Maintenance & Upgrades with SAP Solution Manager SP11

SAP Solution Manager SP11 has now arrived and with it SAP have delivered the new ‘Scope and Effort Analyser’. This is a significant new tool for those SAP organisations looking to reduce the costs and efforts associated with major Maintenance and/or Enhancement Package (EHP) upgrade projects. How does SAP Solution Manager and the Scope and Effort Analyser reduce costs? Simply put, [...]

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SAP Solution Manager Mobile Apps

We've just published out latest insight 'SAP Solution Manager goes mobile', which takes a look at the current set of Application Lifecycle Management mobile applications released by SAP. Covering the vast majority of popular Solution Manager functionality, including Change Approval, System Monitoring and Incident Management; these applications provide access to key ALM processes anywhere, any-time. Read more here...

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